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Nazmani tribe

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MobNazmani tribe
Nazmani banner.jpg
Main leader Unknown
  Formerly IconSmall BloodTroll Female.gif Grand Ma'da Ateena †
Race(s) Blood trollBlood troll Blood troll
Character classes Headhunter, Hexer, Necromancer, Raider, Slave, Warrior, Witch
Capital Zul'Nazman
Theater of operations Nazmir
Language(s) Zandali
Affiliation G'huun
Status Active

The Nazmani tribe is a tribe of blood trolls inhabiting Zul'Nazman in Nazmir.

The Alliance also dealt with them. They seemed to be originally friendly and open to trade and fight against the Horde. Captain Conrad established a trust with the tribe, having been believed to be a messenger of G'huun.[1]

It was formerly a Zandalari tribe.[2]



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