Zone Map

The Nazmir storyline takes part in eight chapters, tracked by the achievement Horde  [The Dark Heart of Nazmir]. The stories of this zone are themed around the blood troll threat, and the Talanji's Expedition effort to recruit the local loa's help (Bwonsamdi, Torga, and Krag'wa).

Main storyline

Deep in the Swamp

  1. H [20-50] Nazmir
  2. H [20-50] Journey to Nazmir
  3. H [20-50] Nazmir, the Forbidden Swamp
  4. H [20-50] Into The Darkness
  5. H [20-50] Leave None Standing & H [20-50] Improper Burial
  6. H [20-50] Ending the Blood Trolls
  7. H [20-50] A Time of Revelation
  8. H [20-50] The Aid of the Loa

Anticipating a blood troll assault in Zuldazar, Princess Talanji sends Horde champions to Nazmir to deal with the threat that these trolls represent to Zandalar Empire. Rokhan and other Darkspear trolls also team up with Zandalari trolls to form a expedition to the swamps. In the nothren border of Zuldazar the Horde champion is sent to battle against blood trolls and to burn down zandalari corpses with a  [Ceremonial Torch] (blessed by Bwonsamdi's priests). Eventually, the Horde champion and Talanji face Grand Ma'da Ateena, and hear about the blood trolls pact with G'huun. Following her steps, they discover that the blood trolls are empowering a construct in the center of Nazmir: the Heart of Darkness.

A Pact with Death

  1. H [20-50] The Shadow of Death
  2. H [20-50] A Culling of Souls
  3. H [20-50] Spiritual Restoration
  4. H [20-50] The Necropolis
  5. H [20-50] A Tribute for Death
  6. H [20-50] That Which Haunts the Dead, H [20-50] Remnants of the Damned & H [20-50] A Desecrated Temple
  7. H [20-50] A Lonely Spirit
  8. H [20-50] The Forlorn Soul
  9. H [20-50] Soulbound
  10. H [20-50] We'll Meet Again

Undercover Sista

  1. H [20-50] Blood Troll on the Outside
  2. H [20-50] Sneaking into Zalamar
  3. H [20-50] Isolating Zalamar & H [20-50] How to Be a Blood Troll
  4. H [20-50] Poisoning the Brood & H [20-50] Mark of the Bat
  5. H [20-50] Hir'eek, the Bat Loa
  6. H [20-50] To Kill a Loa
  7. H [20-50] Upward and Onward

Turtle Power

  1. H [20-50] Catching Up
  2. H [20-50] Torga, the Turtle Loa
  3. H [20-50] Beseeching Bwonsamdi
  4. H [20-50] Cease all Summoning, H [20-50] Dreadtick Combustion & H [20-50] Souls for the Death Loa
  5. H [20-50] Speaking with the Dead
  6. H [20-50] Negative Blood
  7. H [20-50] Forcing Fate's Hand
  8. H [20-50] Crushing the Skullcrushers, H [20-50] Sanctifying Ground & H [20-50] Loa-Free Diet
  9. H [20-50] Jungo, Herald of G'huun
  10. H [20-50] Torga's Eternal Return

A Friend of the Frogs

In A Friend of Frogs questline, the Horde champion aids the frog loa against the blood troll threat.

  1. H [20-50] To Gloom Hollow
  2. H [20-50] Staying Hidden
  3. H [20-50] Hunt the Hunter & H [20-50] Fallen Idols
  4. H [20-50] The Last Witch Doctor of Krag'wa
  5. H [20-50] A True Loa Feast & H [20-50] A Magical Glow
  6. H [20-50] Totemic Restoration
  7. H [20-50] Krag'wa the Terrible
  8. H [20-50] Krag'wa's Aid

In H [20-50] Krag'wa the Terrible quest, the player is able to control the frog loa against the blood trolls.

In this chain, the player is sent to a recently established Horde camp in Nazmir: the Gloom Hollow. According to Kisha, this place was used as the last stop by the tortollan in their pilgrimage. She also asks the adventurer to recruit more tortollans along the way to meet up at that point. Afterward, Shadow Hunter Mutumba requests aid in the investigation of Frogmarsh, and Witch Doctor Zentimo is eventually found injured by blood trolls there. The player is then sent to recover Krag'wa idols in the area, and to kill the local blood troll leader: Warmother Boatema. The player then meets Krag'wa in his burrow, and the frog loa requests the Horde champion to perform the Rite of Krag'wa with Zentimo's body. In this ritual, the witch doctor's spirit is released, and many frogs come out of his body. After feeding Krag'wa with local meat, the Horde champion gathers local glowflies to the frog loa. The loa uses the flies' magical essence to draw stored power in his totems and then becomes powerful enough to attack the blood troll camp nearby. At the end of this questline, To Serve Krag'wa's quest becomes available.

Bring the Boom

  1. H [20-50] Getting the Message
  2. H [20-50] Rendezvous with the Libation
  3. H [20-50] No Goblin Left Behind & H [20-50] Revenge: Served Hot
  4. H [20-50] There Is No Plan "B", H [20-50] Pilfering and Fencing & H [20-50] Head of the Viper
  5. H [20-50] Field Evaluation
  6. H [20-50] Ready For Action

Everything Contained

  1. H [20-50] Slumber No More
  2. H [20-50] Recovering Remnants, H [20-50] How to Repair a Titan Keeper & H [20-50] Corrupted Earth
  3. H [20-50] Bone Procession, H [20-50] Blood Purification & H [20-50] Unwelcome Undead
  4. H [20-50] Not Fit for This Plane, H [20-50] Void is Prohibited & H [20-50] Protocol Recovery
  5. H [20-50] Containment Procedure
  6. H [20-50] Return to Gloom Hollow

Bleeding the Blood Trolls

  1. H [20-50] Down by the Riverside
  2. H [20-50] Rally the Warriors
  3. H [20-50] The Battle of Bloodfire Ravine & H [20-50] Undying Totems
  4. H [20-50] The Road of Pain & H [20-50] Boom goes the Bomb
  5. H [20-50] Target of Opportunity
  6. H [20-50] Petitioning Krag'wa
  7. H [20-50] Ateena's Fall
  8. H [20-50] What Rots Beneath
  9. H [25-50D] The Underrot: Sealing G'huun's Corruption
  10. H [20-50] Halting the Empire's Fall

Side quests

Krag'wa's Burrow and Krag'wa's Shore

  1. H [20-50] To Serve Krag'wa
  2. H [20-50] Krag'wa's Chosen & H [20-50] Vengeance of the Frogs

After helping Krag'wa against the blood troll threat (A Friend of Frog questline), the loa sends the Horde champion to Shadow Hunter Narez, who is scouting Krag'wa's Shore. There the adventurer learns that the naga are draining Krag'wa's spawns magic, and is asked to free the spawns and to kill the naga leader there (Zaldraxia).

In Zal'amak

  1. H [20-50] A Chance Sighting
  2. H [20-50] Aid the Wounded
  3. H [20-50] Bad Juju, H [20-50] Off With Her Head & H [20-50] Rescue the Chronicler
  4. H [20-50] Earn Their Trust & H [20-50] Crawg Free Zone
  5. H [20-50] It Seems You've Made a Friend

At Sethrak Front

  1. H [20-50] Surprise Backup
  2. H [20-50] Getting a Leg Up
  3. H [20-50] Reuniting the Company, H [20-50] Show of Force & H [20-50] No Mercy for Sithis
  4. H [20-50] Didn't Stop to Think if They Should
  5. H [20-50] Return to Dust

In Primal Wetlands

  1. H [20-50] Urok, Terror of the Wetlands
  2. H [20-50] Crocolisk Life & H [20-50] Pulling Fangs
  3. H [20-50] Safe Flying, H [20-50] Terrorizing their Eggs & H [20-50] There's No Eye in Skyterror
  4. H [20-50] The Blood of My Enemies & H [20-50] My Head and Shoulders
  5. H [20-50] Urok's True Death

At Burial Mound

  1. H [20-50] Hunting Zardrax
  2. H [20-50] Offer of Power
  3. H [20-50] Power Denied & H [20-50] Projection Destruction
  4. H [20-50] All Hope is Lost, H [20-50] Conduit Interruption & H [20-50] Humbling the Terrors
  5. H [20-50] Payback's a Lich

At Shoaljai Tar Pits

  1. H [20-50] An Unfortunate Event
  2. H [20-50] Won't Leaf Him to Die, H [20-50] No Problem Tar Can't Solve & H [20-50] On The Run
  3. H [20-50] Don't Go into the Light
  4. H [20-50] Bad To The Bone
  5. H [20-50] Recovering Ancient Fire
  6. H [20-50] Catch Me if You Can

At the Terrace of Sorrows

  1. N [20-50] Bwonsamdi's Deliverance & N [20-50] Respecting the Rites
  2. N [20-50] Bones for Protection & N [20-50] Kel'vax's Home
  3. N [20-50] The Fall of Kel'vax

Against Natha'vor

  1. N [20-50] Profanity Filter
  2. N [20-50] Killing Cannibals, N [20-50] Just Say No to Cannibalism & N [20-50] Shoak's on the Menu