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  • 10 Achievement points
  • Necrolords Campaign
  • Complete the Necrolords Covenant campaign.
  • Criteria:
    • Loyal to the Primus
    • The House of Eyes
    • Grand Theft Necropolis
    • Do Not Forget
    • A Golden Dawn
    • The Wages of Sin
    • The House of Rituals
    • Assault on the House of Rituals

Necrolords Campaign is a quest achievement earned by completing The Art of War, the Necrolord Covenant Campaign.


Loyal to the Primus

Welcome To Our House

Upon your return to Maldraxxus, you learned that the Seat of the Primus remains under siege. In binding your service to the Necrolords, you have sworn to turn the tide of battle.

You have repelled the enemy forces who were assailing the Seat of the Primus... for now.

Highlord Bolvar Fordragon sent you into Torghast, Tower of the Damned to rescue Baine Bloodhoof from the clutches of Warden Arkoban.

With Baine safe in Oribos, you returned to Torghast with one of the Warden's keys to plunge further into the tower's depths. Your search brought you to a mysterious prisoner known as the Runecarver.

You recovered one of the Runecarver's memories from the Maw, then worked with Ve'nari to free one of his bonds. In exchange, the Runecarver has offered to help you craft powerful armor.

  1. N [60] Report to Mevix
  2. N [60] Taking The Seat
  3. N [60] Welcome To Our House
  4. N [60] Power of the Primus
  5. N [60] A Hero of Great Renown
  6. N [60] Glorious Ambition
  7. N [60] A Call to Service
  8. N [60] Anima is Strength
  9. N [60] Into the Reservoir
  10. N [60] Opportunity Strikes
  11. N [60] The Soul Contact
  12. N [60] Setting the Ground Rules
  13. N [60] Rule 1: Have an Escape Plan
  14. N [60] Rule 2: Keep a Low Profile
  15. N [60] Rule 3: Trust is Earned
  16. N [60] Hopeful News
  17. N [60] Return to Draka
  18. N [60] Bringing It All Together
  19. N [60] Sanctum Improvements
  20. N [60] Collective Soul
  21. N [60] Come On, We're Simpatico!
  22. N [60] A Journey Made Together
  23. N [60] Conduits, What Are They For?
  24. N [60] No Rest For the Dead

After completing No Rest For the Dead, in addition to continuing the main campaign, Draka also sends players back to Oribos in N [60] The Highlord Calls, starting the Torghast storyline.

The House of Eyes

Eyes on the Problem

At Renown 4:

In order to cement the Necrolords' defenses, Baroness Vashj plans to seize control of an enemy necropolis. You are to rendezvous with her near the House of Eyes

Having assembled a crew of surviving Eyes and renegades from other houses, you returned to the Seat of the Primus while Vashj began preparing for the next phase of the mission.

  1. N [60] Enemy at the Door
  2. N [60] Eyes on the Problem
  3. N [60] Whisper of Hope, N [60] Prying Eyes
  4. Complete all of:
  5. N [60] See What You've Done
  6. N [60] The Impossible Plan

Grand Theft Necropolis

I'll Only Say This Once

At Renown 7:

Upon receiving word from Vashj, you reunited with the Eyes and reviewed the plan to hijack the necropolis.

Despite unforeseen complications, you successfully stormed the Ossein Foundry and took possession of the necropolis Zerekriss. Within its halls, you discovered the lost Bracers of the Primus.

  1. N [60] Eyes to the Sky
  2. N [60] The Maldraxxian Job
  3. N [60] I'll Only Say This Once
  4. N [60] Follow Me
  5. N [60] Cut to the Bone
  6. N [60] Set Me Free
  7. N [60] Crush 'Em All
  8. N [60] Keys to the Ruin
  9. N [60] This Way Out
  10. N [60] Grand Theft Necropolis & N [60] Search the Place
  11. N [60] Bindings of Fleshcrafting

Do Not Forget

No Peace In Death

At Renown 10:

After defeating the Construct forces at the Temple of Courage and forging an alliance with the kyrian, you accompanied Mograine on a journey to help him accept that Maldraxxus is where his soul belongs.

The Necrolords have received word that the House of Constructs continues its assault on Bastion. Always a man of honor, Alexandros Mograine volunteered to join the kyrian defenders with your help.

  1. N [60] The Only Cure
  2. N [60] Peace by Piece, N [60] No Hesitation, No Surrender, N [60] Death Rains
  3. N [60] Don't Cross Courage
  4. N [60] Aerial Absolution, N [60] Sustain, In Vain
  5. N [60] Wipe the Slate Clean
  6. N [60] The Last Labor
  7. N [60] Afterlife Goes On
  8. N [60] No Peace In Death
  9. N [60] All I Ever Will Be
  10. N [60] Do Not Forget
  11. N [60] The Golden Dawn

A Golden Dawn

Fight and Flight

At Renown 12:

With the battle plans drawn, the Necrolord and Kyrian covenants joined forces to besiege the House of Constructs. You reported for duty, ready to join the assault.

Your attack on the House of Constructs was successful, resulting in the demise of Margrave Gharmal. You discovered the Mantle of the Primus among the margrave's belongings... along with canisters of anima sourced from Revendreth.

  1. N [60] Machinations of War
  2. N [60] Take The Fight To Them
  3. N [60] Fight and Flight
  4. N [60] Justice from Above, N [60] The Butchers of Bastion, N [60] Dark Developments
  5. N [60] An Early End, N [60] Burn Before Reading, N [60] Descended
  6. N [60] Trouble on the Western Front
  7. N [60] Charging The Blade, N [60] Grave Intent, N [60] Aerial Advantage
  8. N [60] Power of the Chosen
  9. N [60] The End is Now
  10. N [60] Pursuit of Justice
  11. N [60] An Abominable Discovery
  12. N [60] Gharmal's Tower
  13. N [60] Prized Possession
  14. N [60] The Mantle Returned
  15. N [60] Pride of Place

The Wages of Sin

It's Treason, Then

At Renown 16:

You have journeyed to Revendreth with Draka in order to investigate reports of Maldraxxi conspirators plotting against the realm.

Having exposed and ended the collusion between the House of Rituals and Revendreth, you collected the Primus's pauldrons and discovered the mastermind behind the house's machinations: the lich Kel'Thuzad.

  1. N [60] Blood from a Bone
  2. N [60] Accusatory Missive
  3. N [60] You're Dead To Me
  4. N [60] A Farewell to Arms, N [60] Drive A Dredge Between Them
  5. N [60] It's Treason, Then
  6. N [60] Pauldrons of Imperium

The House of Rituals

The Traitor Unmasked

At Renown 19:

The Necrolords have committed their resources to infiltrating the House of Rituals. A lich named Balmedar has offered to aid your efforts to infiltrate the house.

Both you and Balmedar were discovered and imprisoned as you attempted to spy on Kel'Thuzad. You escaped your cell just in time to witness Kel'Thuzad and Baroness Ninadar overthrow Margrave Sin'dane.

  1. N [60] House of Rituals
  2. N [60] The Wayward Baron
  3. N [60] Playing Favorites, N [60] Pilfered Power, N [60] Burying Suspicion
  4. N [60] A Fitting Guise
  5. N [60] The Pupil Returns
  6. N [60] The Baron's Plan
  7. N [60] Mistress of Tomes
  8. N [60] Cantrip Collections, N [60] Errant Enchantments
  9. N [60] The Hall of Tomes
  10. N [60] Necessary Ingredients
  11. N [60] Heart of the Forest, N [60] Cage Free Spores
  12. N [60] The Final Reagent
  13. N [60] Explosive Schemes
  14. N [60] No Crate Unturned, N [60] Blinding the Brokers
  15. N [60] Designed to Fail
  16. N [60] Caught in the Act
  17. N [60] Improvised Implements
  18. N [60] A Helpful Hand
  19. N [60] The Traitor Unmasked
  20. N [60] The Better Part of Valor

Assault on the House of Rituals

The Third Fall of Kel'Thuzad

At Renown 21:

Following his trecherous coup, Kel'Thuzad seized command of the House of Rituals. Alongside your allies from Revendreth, the Necrolords laid siege to the liches' fortress.

Though you triumphed over the House of Rituals and restored Margrave Sin'dane to power, the Jailer's minions helped Kel'Thuzad escape before you could detain him. With the Staff of the Primus in your possession and the traitors expunged from the realm, Maldraxxus is on the path to reunification.

  1. N [60] Mobilize Maldraxxus
  2. N [60] Calling in All Favors
  3. N [60] The Third Fall of Kel'Thuzad
  4. N [60] Staff of the Primus

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