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NeutralThe Necropolis
The Necropolis.jpg
Type Temple
Leader(s) IconSmall Bwonsamdi.gif Bwonsamdi
Race(s) Zandalari trollZandalari troll Zandalari ghosts
Affiliation(s) Neutral Bwonsamdi
Horde Horde[1]
Location Nazmir
Status Active

The Necropolis is the temple of Bwonsamdi in Nazmir. The spirits of departed trolls can be seen approaching it.[2]

During the course of the War Campaign, Horde troops moved to the Necropolis. While orcs and tauren were seen burning the hostile skeletons, jungle trolls were seen worshipping the Loa of Death in the Court of Spirits.

Being in the area when you are dead allows you to see numerous troll spirits going toward the Necropolis, which can also be seen in reality but much more transparent.

After the Fourth War, Banshee loyalists attacked the temple. It was defended by the Zandalari Empire and the Horde.[3]

After Bwonsamdi dealt with Mueh'zala in the Other Side, he took him here,[4] but the temple came under the attack from Mueh'zala's followers and the undead of Nazmir.


Inside the necropolis, the following plaques can be seen:


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