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Necrorays are flying beasts native to Maldraxxus, especially the areas of Glutharn's Decay and the Sepulcher of Knowledge. They prefer to congregate around the realm's enormous decaying mushrooms[1] and lay their eggs in small clusters within the frills of decaying fungi.[2] When a necroray hatches, spores fly everywhere.[3] Toxic spores rain down wherever the animals fly, turning small critters into a gruesome feast.[4] The House of Rituals often burn necroray spore clusters as incense to aid in concentration during intense rituals.[5]


As a mount

 [Bulbous Necroray],  [Infested Necroray], and  [Pestilent Necroray] can be looted from  [Oozing Necroray Egg].

As a companion pet

Necroray Spawnlings can be captured in pet battles in Maldraxxus.

As a hunter pet

Main article: Ray#As a hunter pet

Necrorays are tamable by hunters as part of the ray family.


  • Necrorays use recolored mana ray models.