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Necrotic Wake

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The Necrotic Wake
Necrotic Wake loading screen.jpg
Loading screen
Location Temple of Courage, Bastion (entrance at Xandria's Vigil)
Race(s) IconSmall Kyrian Male.gifIconSmall Kyrian Female.gif Kyrian
IconSmall Necrolord.gif Maldraxxus necromancer
IconSmall Abomination2.gifIconSmall Leftover.gif Abomination
End boss  Nalthor the Rimebinder
Instance info
Type Dungeon
Advised level 50 - 60
Player limit 5

Surgeon Stitchflesh
Nalthor the Rimebinder



The Necrotic Wake is a dungeon in Shadowlands[1] located in Bastion. The forces of Maldraxxus, thirsty for Anima, invaded Bastion and ransacked the Temple of Courage. Heroes must thwart these invaders lest this paradisiacal place crumbles.[2]

Adventure Guide

In an unthinkable act of treachery, forces from [[Maldraxxus], the realm charged with defending the Shadowlands, have invaded the Temple of Courage. They have pillaged anima and have slaughtered kyrian to fuel their dark practices. If left unchecked, the necrotic forces of the necropolis Zolramas will pillage Bastion leaving destruction in their wake.


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