Nefarian's Lair.

Area map. Nefarian's Lair is the southeastern blue-colored room.

Nefarian's Lair is, as the name implies, the throne of Nefarian, Lord of Blackrock Spire and the final boss of Blackwing Lair. It is the final named area in the raid, accessed upon the defeat of Chromaggus in the Crimson Laboratories. Upon arrival, the players will see Lord Victor Nefarius (the human guise of Nefarian) sitting upon his throne at the southeastern end of the room. Speaking to him will begin the encounter.

It is also worth noting that from this area, one can see out across the Searing Gorge from a very high point of view; fortunately, there is an invisible wall designed to keep players from falling off the ledge.

Raid mobs


  • Early in the game's history, this room was known as "Nefarians Lair" (without the apostrophe).
  • In the open world version of this area, Nefarian's Lair is accessible via flying mount and serves as the entrance to the Cataclysm-era Blackwing Descent raid, using the southwestern door.

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