NeutralNeltharion's Lair: Braid of the Underking
Start Salanar the Horseman
End Salanar the Horseman
Level 10-45
Type Dungeon
Category Death Knight Campaign
Experience 19,350
Rewards 33g 20s
Previous N [10-45] A Personal Request
Next N Death knight [10-45D] Darkheart Thicket: The Nightmare Lash


Retrieve the Braid of the Underking from Neltharion's Lair.


Greetings, Deathlord. Years have passed since we first met, but for me it has been mere days.

The unholy bond between Horseman and steed must not be taken lightly. Power begets power, Deathlord. Never forget this fact!

I can forge an inseparable bond between rider and steed, but components of great power are required.

The first item I require is the Braid of the Underking, a dark shamanic adornment passed down for generations.

Currently, it is possessed by Dargrul the Underking.


You will receive:

  • 33g 20s
  • 19,350 XP


Have you acquired the Braid of the Underking?


Well done, Deathlord. The cords of this braid will be used in the fashioning of reins for our steeds.

I assume Dargrul was more than willing to part with it, yes?

<Salanar flashes an evil grin.>


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