HordeNemesis: Gnomebane
Start Raza'kul
End Raza'kul
Level 10-40
Type PvP
Category Frostfire Ridge
Rewards [Garrison Resources] x250
61g 60s


Kill 500 Gnome Players in Player versus Player combat across Draenor.


<Raza'kul hands you the bloody heart.>

The ritual is complete. Your nemesis is marked for death.

Now your work to rid this world of the enemy truly begins. Kill all gnomes that stand defiantly against the Horde. Let their deaths serve as a warning to the rest of the Alliance: they will leave Draenor or they will die.

Return when you have quenched your rage with the blood of gnome.

Conquer our enemy and be known as gnomebane. Fail and be nothing.


You will receive: 250 Garrison Resources

You will also receive: 61g 60s


The truth of your deeds is in your eyes. Your hunger for the enemy sated with cries for mercy and rivers of blood.

Take now your place as gnomebane.


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