AllianceNemesis: Hunter - Hunted
Start Kuros
End Kuros
Level 10-40
Type PvP
Category Garrison
For the Horde version of this quest, see H [10-40P] Nemesis: Hunter - Hunted.


Burn a Nemesis Effigy at the Gladiator's Sanctum then speak to Kuros.

  • Nemesis Selected


Our enemies surround us, and with each passing day their numbers grow. It is time to make a decisive strike against their armies, champion.

Around me stand effigies of our most hated adversaries. You will be their downfall, <name>. You will become nemesis and they will run in fear at the sight of you.

Now select the target of your rage and burn in effigy that race which you mean to eradicate. Speak to me when you have made your selection.


A last warning: once you have accepted this choice you cannot reverse it or make a new choice until you complete your mission

If your choice is certain, your aim will be true.

Strike fear in the hearts and minds of the enemy! Glory to the Alliance! For Draenor!


When making the selection for your nemesis, Kuros will say something different about each race.

  • Blood Elf: "A fine choice. Blood elves are a blight upon this world and must be destroyed or driven out of Draenor."
  • Forsaken: "Death incarnate now walks the land. These forsaken are a crime against life itself... anathema to the Light. For that alone they must all be purged from Draenor."
  • Goblin: "In my tongue, goblin roughly translates to parasite. A fitting name they have given themselves. As with any pest, they must be exterminated. Let their deaths serve as a lesson to the rest of this so called Alliance."
  • Orc: "Orc...
<Kuros spits>
You would do all denizens of this world a great service by ridding these lands of orc."
  • Pandaren: "These pandaren had a choice to serve in your mighty army, but instead opted to betray the Alliance and join the enemy. Now they aid the orcs in their mission to kill all Draenei. The traitorous pandaren of the Horde must be exterminated."
  • Tauren: "On Argus, we hunted powerful horned beasts like your tauren for sport. Prove your might over this worthy adversary!"
  • Troll: "Trolls, conspirators one and all. The troll invaders must be crushed and sent back to their savage gods!"

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