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Neptulon's Cache

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Neptulon's Cache

Neptulon's Cache is a lootable chest located in the Throne of the Tides. It appears after Ozumat is defeated.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Whitefin Axe]  [Whitefin Axe] Two-hand strength axe
 [Mnemiopsis Gloves]  [Mnemiopsis Gloves] DPS cloth gloves
 [Wentletrap Vest]  [Wentletrap Vest] Agility mail chest
 [Abalone Plate Armor]  [Abalone Plate Armor] Spirit plate chest
 [Triton Legplates]  [Triton Legplates] Tank plate leggings
 [Bioluminescent Lamp]  [Bioluminescent Lamp] Spirit off-hand
 [Might of the Ocean]  [Might of the Ocean] Strength trinket
 [Nautilus Ring]  [Nautilus Ring] Agility ring
 [Pipefish Cord]  [Pipefish Cord] Caster necklace
 [Sea Star]  [Sea Star] Spirit trinket

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