Nerus Moonfang

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NeutralNerus Moonfang
Image of Nerus Moonfang
Gender Male
Race Night elf (Humanoid)
Level 110
Class Retribution paladin
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Knights of the Silver Hand
Former affiliation(s) Burning Legion, Kaldorei Empire
Occupation Champion of the Silver Hand
Location Sanctum of Light
Status Active
Relative(s) Delas & Daleera (nieces), Erelyn Moonfang

Nerus Moonfang is a night elf located at the Sanctum of Light in Eastern Plaguelands.


Nerus Moonfang was a night elf from Shadowfen. During the War of the Ancients, he made a hasty and panicked deal with a similarly minded man to himself, offering protection for his family from the Burning Legion. However, the man revealed himself to be the demon lord Oathbinder Zorak following the deal, unveiling the true terms of their agreement. If he spared him and his family, they would be bound for eternity to the Legion, serving forever as their slaves. After Nerus' death, his soul was imprisoned inside a  [Felstone Pendant]. However, he wrote of the deal, and his hope that his family would understand why he made it, in his personal journal.

During the Third invasion of the Burning Legion, the Highlord of the Knights of the Silver Hand along with Delas Moonfang, Nerus' niece who had become a paladin under their tutelage, uncovered the deal through the journal and an initially blank scroll, revealing the truth of Nerus and Zorak after it was soaked in the blood of demons. Having also recovered the pendant, the Highlord destroyed it on Delas' plea. Immediately following the pendant's destruction, Nerus' spirit was released. Angrily demanding an explanation, Nerus solemnly apologized for his actions, but told them that they could still save the Moonfang family spirits enslaved by the Legion. Traveling to the Broken Shore, the Highlord freed the night elf spirits and slew Oathbinder Zorak, ending the curse placed upon the Moonfangs. Following this, Nerus pledged himself to the Knights of the Silver Hand to begin to atone for his actions, which Delas commented was a start for his redemption.


  • Paladin holy.png  Holy Flare — The caster explodes with holy energy, inflicting Holy damage to all nearby enemies. 
  • Spell holy surgeoflight.png  Blast of Light — The caster blasts enemies with a beam of light, inflicting 14 Holy damage. 
  • Spell holy holysmite.png  Crusader Strike — Strikes the target with a weapon infused with the Light, inflicting Holy damage. 
  • Ability paladin divinestorm.png  Divine Storm — An instant weapon attack that causes Holy damage to all enemies and healing to all friends within 8 yards. 




  • Ishnu-alah.
  • Greetings friend.
  • It is good to see you.
  • Is THIS how I must repay for my mistakes?
  • Do you not have better things to do?
  • THIS... needs to stop...
  • Safe travels.
  • Elune-Adore.
  • Ande'thoras-ethil.


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Combat ally

  • I must pay for my mistakes.
  • It is a honor to walk beside you, Highlord.
  • I will prove myself worthy.
  • You will be judged!
  • I will show no mercy!
  • Bandu Thoribas!
  • The Brotherhood leads the charge!
  • Behold the Light!
Killed a mob
  • Judgment must be swift and true.
  • We will prevail.
  • Our will is strong!
  • My spirit weakens...
  • I require... a moments rest...
  • You must continue on without me...


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