For the group, see Nesingwary Safari (group).

Nesingwary Safari

Nesingwary Safari[70, 41] is a small camp in northeastern Nagrand where Hemet Nesingwary has relocated due to the good hunting to be done here. The camp of the Nesingwary Safari group[1] is the focal point of several animal-hunting quest chains.



The Nagrand Safari quest chain

Random events

Gankly Rottenfist

Kristen Dipswitch rides a turbostrider straight to Harold and dismounts.
Kristen Dipswitch says: Hi, Harold. I have your skins!
Gankly Rottenfist stealths and moves behind Kristen.
Gankly Rottenfist says: I'll be taking those skins, tiny.
Kristen Dipswitch says: Ack! Somebody help me!
If Kristen dies
Gankly Rottenfist rifles through Kristen's stuff and grabs her bundle of skins.
Gankly Rottenfist says: Here are my skins, Harold. Now give me the reward!

Talbuk attack

Several Talbuk Stags spawn northeast of the camp, next the tree.
Uh oh, those stags don't look pleased with us!
Three stags starts running toward the camp.
Look out, Fitz, they're coming right for us!
Shadow 'Fitz' Farstrider smiles and sheathes his rifle.
Hemet and Fitz engage in combat with the talbuk.
Harold Lane says: What's going on?!
Harold Lane says: Um... guys?
Harold Lane says: Hemet? Fitz?
Harold Lane says: Oh good, I was beginning to worry.




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