For the subzones, see Nesingwary Safari and Nesingwary's Safari.
NeutralThe Nesingwary Safari
Hemet Nesingwary tcg.jpg
Main leader  Hemet Nesingwary
Secondary leaders  Hemet Nesingwary Jr.
Race(s) DwarfDwarf Dwarf
Blood elfBlood elf Blood elf
DraeneiDraenei Draenei
ForsakenForsaken Forsaken
GnomeGnome Gnome
GoblinGoblin Goblin
HumanHuman Human
Night elfNight elf Night elf
OrcOrc Orc
PandarenPandaren Pandaren
TaurenTauren Tauren
WorgenWorgen Worgen
Base of operations Nesingwary's Expedition, Nesingwary Safari, Nesingwary Base Camp, Dorian's Outpost, Lake Kum'uya, Kaw's Roost, Nesingwary's Safari, Nesingwary's Retreat, Icepine Point
Theater of operations Northern Stranglethorn, Nagrand, Borean Tundra, Sholazar Basin, Valley of the Four Winds, alternate Nagrand, Highmountain
Status Active

The Nesingwary Safari,[1][2] also known as the Nesingwary Expedition[3] or Hemet's Hunting Party,[4] are the various adventurers and big game hunters who accompany the legendary dwarven hunter and Alliance war hero Hemet Nesingwary in his travels around Azeroth and beyond. Only those with exceptional hunting skills are allowed to join Hemet's hunting parties.[5]

Known members

Nesingwary's Expedition, Northern Stranglethorn WoW Icon update.png
Nesingwary Safari, Nagrand Bc icon.gif
Borean Tundra Wrath of the Lich King
Nesingwary Base Camp, Sholazar Basin Wrath of the Lich King
Nesingwary's Safari, Valley of the Four Winds Mists of Pandaria
Alternate Nagrand Warlords of Draenor
Highmountain Legion