Image of Nespirah
Gender Female
Race Vashj'ir ancient
Affiliation(s) Neptulon
Occupation Servant of Neptulon
Location Shimmering Expanse
Status Alive

Nespirah front.jpg

Nespirah is an extremely large Ancient,[1][2] found along the Silver Tide Trench in Vashj'ir. She is facing the Glimmerdeep Gorge. She had been put into a torpor and enslaved by the naga. Imprisoned Alliance and Horde slaves mined powerful magic pearls from the inside of the beast.

Earthmender Duarn and Erunak Stonespeaker follow the player into Nespirah's body. Erunak then has matters on the outside to attend to and leaves Duarn in charge. Duarn, with the player's aid, attempts to communicate with Nespirah to gain answers as to why she has allowed naga into her shell.

This is also the location where the captured Alliance and Horde soldiers were brought to from the Kelp'thar Forest. A small group of slaves have escaped and now fight the naga on the ledge overlooking the heart. The naga activities there are led by Overseer Idra'kess.

Nespirah Fluid flows through Nespirah's body and acts as her defenses from invaders. However, since Nespirah's will has been suppressed by the naga, her fluid is not capable of obeying her. This will change when the naga's hold on her is removed and she has awakened.


After gaining the ability to speak with Nespirah.
Voice of Nespirah yells: Kkkk... aaahhh...!
Voice of Nespirah says: What's happening? Can you hear me?
Voice of Nespirah says: I can't see you, but I can sense you presence. I'll explain what I can.
Voice of Nespirah says: The naga are suppressing my will. I can feel what they're doing, but I am powerless to act.
Voice of Nespirah says: They mine my pearls, they carve my body, and they distort my mind. I can feel my will breaking, strangers...they mean to use me for war!
Voice of Nespirah yells: I will NOT be a tool of the naga. I will resist as long as I can, but I can't last forever. Please, someone, stop them!

Nespirah brain tcg.jpg

After Nespirah wakes up.
Voice of Nespirah yells: K-k-k-k-kkah! I am freed from the naga's servitude, and my will is once again my own!
Voice of Nespirah yells: My body is already starting to fight the naga infection. Please, I ask you to get to safety before I unleash my wrath!
Voice of Nespirah says: You may leave now friend. The tauren's friend Erunak should be waiting outside with seahorses. In fact, it looks like he is here now.
Erunak Stonespeaker says: Duarn - excellent work. Do not dally long within Nespirah's shell. You know as well as I do the dangers posed by an angry demigod.
Voice of Nespirah says: Worry not, Erunak. The tauren will be safe.


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