Neverest Basecamp.

Neverest Basecamp lies on an unnamed path that begins near One Keg on the Burlap Trail, branches to the Valley of Emperors, passes the trailhead of Seeker's Folly to Neverest Pinnacle, then continues northwest to the Shado-Pan Monastery.

The basecamp itself is the aforementioned trailhead of Seeker's Folly, serving as the last major stopping point on the way to the pinnacle.

Notes and trivia

  • The following objects can be found here: "The Emperor", Jade Forest Rice, Four Winds Flour, Townlong Spices, and Kun-Lai Wool.
  • A reference to the Everest Base Camps, staging areas for ascents of Mount Everest. One is in Nepal on the southern side of Everest, while the other is in Tibet, on the northern side.

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