• News From The North
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News From The North is found in the mailbox of Havenshire after completing N Death Knight [8-30] Abandoned Mail.


To High General Abbendis
New Avalon, Scarlet Lands

High General Abbendis,

I hope this letter finds you in good health. My name is Dansel Adams, hunter by trade, Scarlet Crusader by blood. I am writing this letter to inform you that I have witnessed a miracle.

During a routine purging of the heathens in the Scourge infested Plaguewood, my party and I were interrupted by a deafening screech from the sky. When we looked to the heavens, towards Naxxramas, our jaws dropped to the floor. I tell you this now, High General, 'twas a sight not to be believed. The dread citadel was moving. Slowly at first, then with a thunderous roar - poof - it was gone!

That's right, High General. Naxxramas is gone! No more! Could it be anything other than a miracle of the Light? I say not!

May it be that the impure, unkempt barbarians are judged and sentenced next. Praise be the Light.

Please let our brothers and sisters know of this miracle, High General.

May the Light preserve you for all eternity so that you may spread the good word until the end of days.


D. Adams
"The Closer"

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