News from Talador

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AllianceNews from Talador
Start Vindicator Maraad[52.8, 59.7]
End Bodrick Grey
Level 94 (Requires 94)
Category Gorgrond
Experience 2150
Rewards 1g 95s
Previous A [93] Strike While the Iron is Hot or A [93] Strike While the Iron is Hot
Next A [94] The Critical Path


Speak to Bodrick Grey at your garrison in Shadowmoon Valley.


Bodrick Grey sends words from your garrison that they have spotted a fleet of Iron Horde at the shores of Talador.

We must not allow them to destroy Shattrath.


You will receive: 1g 95s


Welcome back, <name>.


  • 2150 XP


At Lunarfall, a new quest chain has opened up involving the Shadow Council. Speak with Cordana Felsong next to the Bulletin Board to pick up Meet Us At Starfall Outpost, and pick up A [94G3] Bounty: Twisted Ancient before heading out.


  1. B [94] News from Talador
  2. A [94] The Critical Path / H [94] It's a Matter of Strategy
  3. B [94] At Your Command

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