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NeutralNice Hat...
Start Don Carlos
End Don Carlos
Level 68 (Requires 66)
Type Dungeon
Category Caverns of Time
Experience 12000
Rewards  [Haliscan Brimmed Hat] (or 72s if completed at level 85)


Don Carlos has inadvertently challenged you to defeat his younger self in Old Hillsbrad. Afterwards, bring Don Carlos' Hat to him in Tanaris as proof.


My hat? Yes, it's an unusual style, I know, from far away... few tailors here know how to make them.

When I was young and hot-blooded, I wore it as a standing challenge. Many came seeking to defeat me and win it for themselves... but no one ever did.

Ah, but those days are long past. I'm an old man, now: I drink, I fish, but I no longer duel.


You will receive: (or 72s if completed at level 85)

Inv helmet 50.png [Haliscan Brimmed Hat]


I was unbeatable, in those days... proud, and rightly so. No challenger ever won this fine hat...


My... my hat! But... how did you...?

Well... no matter. So, now you know my secret. I WAS beaten... once. Here: take this hat, in return for mine. You've earned it.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 12000 experience


  • Don Carlos must be found and defeated before the group starts doing the instance, otherwise he will despawn.
  • Formerly, part of the text was "So... it WAS you. I'd thought so. The old scars ached when you drew near, but... so young! You've not changed at all!" Seeing as the player could be a night elf, draenei or a Horde race transformed into a human or dwarf, that would be a rather weird thing to say.

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