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Tyrande as the Night Warrior.

The Night Warrior is the name of Elune's warrior aspect, her fearsome battle aspect.[1] As the Night Warrior, Elune is said to take the valiant dead from the battlefield and set them riding across the evening sky as stars for their reward.[2][3]

It is also the name given to the person who channels Elune's Night Warrior powers in a ritual to become the avatar of the Night Warrior. This is extremely dangerous, and even witnessing the ritual can be a danger.[4]


The oldest known Night Warrior was Thiernax, who lived on the planet Fyzandi. Long ago, their planet was attacked by an Old God. The Old God and its minions waged war on the people of Fyzandi for generations, starting in the era of Thiernax and his husband Qadarin's great-grandparents: this conflict became known as the Endless War. Qadarin's mother attempted to become the Night Warrior to stop it, but the power killed her. Thiernax underwent the ritual as well and managed to obtain the power to defeat the Old God, saving their world. However, the power of the Night Warrior was destroying him; though he attempted to share the power with his husband, Qadarin, the end result was that it killed them both.[5][6]

Legend says that long ago, the Night Warrior was used by the night elves to secure Kalimdor. For thousands of years thereafter, none who attempted the ritual survived, for Elune's raw power tore them apart.[4] During the Fourth War, Tyrande Whisperwind became the first night elf known to survive the ritual. The process empowered many other night elves as well, forming the Army of the Black Moon.[4] Elune's power also shrouded Darkshore in an unnatural, permanent night.

Though Tyrande held onto the power of the Night Warrior far longer than anyone expected, it was clear that she too would eventually succumb.[7] At the request of Shandris Feathermoon, the Night Fae Covenant gathered together the souls of several former Night Warriors in Ardenweald. They performed a ritual to divide the Night Warrior's power between them all, though even that appeared insufficient until the Winter Queen herself intervened, prompting Elune to possess Tyrande directly. When asked to relieve Tyrande of her power, Elune replied that as Tyrande invoked it, she must also be the one to give it up. Letting go of her desire for vengeance, Tyrande relinquished the Night Warrior's power and returned to her normal self, becoming the only known mortal to survive becoming the Night Warrior.[8]

Known Night Warriors

As the worship of Elune is not limited to Azeroth, people from other worlds also became Night Warriors.[9] Having been consumed by the power they wielded, they are now found among the forces of the Shadowlands:

Three characters from the Shadowlands that were Night Warriors gathered.

Night Warrior's Phases

Night Warrior's Phases of Tyrande Whisperwind


  • The ruins of Bashal'Aran‎ have tablets speaking about the avatars of Elune, with one avatar for each phase of the big moon. There are many tales of the Night Warrior - avatar of the new moon, purest form of Elune's wrath, such as the one where in ancient times, the Night Warrior carved out stretches of the kaldorei empire, taking lands from trolls.[13]
  • During development, the quest N [60] Tracking the Shadows stated that all Night Warriors were destined for Ardenweald. This specific part of the line was removed, but the  [Night Fae Campaign] does not state where exactly Huln Highmountain is off to find the other Night Warriors.