This article is about the Return to Karazhan raid boss. For character biography, see Arcanagos.
Image of Nightbane
Gender Male
Race Undead dragon (Undead)
Level ?? Elite
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Karazhan
Status Active (lore)[1]
Killable Legion

Nightbane is a secret ninth boss in Return to Karazhan, unlocked after interacting with all 5 Soul Fragments within the given time limit.

Accessing the boss

Upon opening the door as soon as you enter Return to Karazhan, the text "The strange chill of a dark presence winds through the air." is announced, beginning the time limit. From here, you must reach and click each soul fragment before time runs out:

If time runs out before collecting all the fragments, "The air grows slightly warmer" will be announced.



  • Spell shadow charm.png  Bellowing Roar — Releases a mighty dragon roar, causing all players to run in fear for 3 sec.
  • Ability warlock cremation.png  Burning Bones — Burning bones surround a target, inflicting 398757 Fire damage every 2 sec. Burning Bones periodically loses a bone and, upon being dispelled or removed, forms a Restless Bones for each remaining one.
  • Spell fire lavaspawn.png  Charred Earth — Sears the ground underneath a player for 1 min, inflicting 185125 Fire damage every 0.5 sec to players caught within.
  • Spell fire windsofwoe.png  Cinder Breath — Inflicts 1181562 to 1305938 Shadowflame damage to players in front of the caster.
  • Warlock curse shadow aura.png  Concentrated Power — The power flowing through Nightbane concentrates within its bones, increasing Physical damage done by 75% for 10 sec.
  • Spell shadow shadowandflame.png  Ignite Soul — Ignites a target's soul. After 9 sec, the target explodes, inflicting its current health as Fire damage to all other players.
  • Ability rhyolith magmaflow wave.png  Infernal Power — The power flowing through Nightbane ignites the surrounding air, inflicting 131812 to 145688 Fire damage to all players every 2 sec for 10 sec.
  • Archaeology 5 0 petrifiedbonewhip.png  Rain of Bones — Nightbane breathes Shadowflame onto the ground, summoning forth a terrifying monstrosity!
  • Spell shadow mindflay.png  Reverberating Shadows — Envelops players with darkness, inflicting 337264 to 372766 Shadow damage instantly with an additional 80764 to 89266 Shadow damage every 2 sec to all players for 6 sec.
  • Inv misc monsterscales 04.png  Tail Swipe — Inflicts 696150 to 731850 Physical damage to players behind the caster, knocking them back.


  • Spell shadow lifedrain02.png  Absorb Vitality — Absorbs 1150475 healing on a player for 18 sec. While this is in effect, the caster steals 125000 health from the target every 3 sec, healing himself for 5 times the health stolen.
  • Inv enchanting wod crystalshard.png  Jagged Shards — Bone shards fly out of the caster, inflicting 57363 to 63402 Physical damage to all players. The shards inflict an additional 22125 Physical damage every 3 sec and reduce movement speed by 5%. This effect stacks.


Item Type
 [Bones of the Restless] Blood Artifact Relic
 [Chestplate of Impenetrable Darkness] Plate chest
 [Echoing Madness] Storm Artifact Relic
 [Ethereal Urn] Trinket
 [Glimpse of the Afterlife] Holy Artifact Relic
 [Harness of Smoldering Betrayal] Leather chest
 [Hauberk of Warped Intuition] Mail chest
 [Necrotic Dominion] Fel Artifact Relic
 [Nightmares of the Dead] Shadow Artifact Relic
 [Ritual of Animation] Life Artifact Relic
 [Robes of the Ancient Chronicle] Cloth chest
 [Scale of Arcanagos] Frost Artifact Relic
 [Searing Cinder] Fire Artifact Relic
 [Star of Hollow Spite] Iron Artifact Relic
 [Talisman of the Violet Eye] Arcane Artifact Relic
 [Smoldering Ember Wyrm] Mount


Image of Medivh yells: You've got my attention, dragon. You'll find I'm not as easily scared as the villagers below.
Image of Arcanagos yells: Your dabbling in the arcane has gone too far, Medivh. You've attracted the attention of powers beyond your understanding. You must leave Karazhan at once!
Image of Medivh yells: You dare challenge me at my own dwelling? Your arrogance is astounding, even for a dragon.
Image of Arcanagos yells: A dark power seeks to use you, Medivh! If you stay, dire days will follow. You must hurry, we don't have much time!
Image of Medivh yells: I do not know what you speak of, dragon... but I will not be bullied by this display of insolence. I'll leave Karazhan when it suits me!
Image of Arcanagos yells: You leave me no alternative. I will stop you by force if you won't listen to reason.
Arcanagos glows with a blue aura as Medivh casts a pyroblast that reflects off the dragon. Injured, Medivh stands back to his feet.
Medivh begins to cast a spell of great power, weaving his own essence into the magic.
Arcanagos begins to burn.
Image of Medivh says: He should not have angered me. I must go... recover my strength now...
Image of Arcanagos yells: What have you done, wizard? This cannot be! I'm burning from... within!
Arcanagos flies down and transforms into Nightbane.
Nightbane yells: Am I damned to answer the summons of mortals for all eternity?
Nightbane yells: So be it! You will suffer for your insolence!
  • Learn the meaning of torment!
  • Come forth and burn!
Ignite Soul
  • Burn from the inside!
  • Your soul betrays your allies!
  • Your lifeblood is my weapon!
Air phase
  • I've toyed with you long enough!
  • Miserable vermin. I shall exterminate you from the air!
Phase 3
  • Enough! I will finish you myself!
  • I will end you!
  • Time to end this!
Bellowing Roar
  • Run, cowards!
  • Weak-willed mortals!
  • Your courage falters!
Killed a player
  • I'll reduce you to ashes!
  • Kindling for the fire!
  • Pathetic!
  • Who's next?!
  • Mortals never learn.
  • Pitiful... as expected.
  • You called me here only to die at my feet?
  • It is... never... over...
  • I will... never... be free...
  • The flames... await me...

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