“We are the protectors - immovable and unflappable.
When we are moving, nothing can stop us from moving. When we are standing still, nothing can budge us.”

Sentinel Commander Qipan

The Niuzao sentinels is an order[1] of the defenders of Niuzao Temple and the wardens of the Sha of Fear.[2] in the Townlong Steppes. They are recognized by their uniforms and serve Niuzao himself, who they consider their patron.[3] They are commanded by Sentinel Commander Qipan.[4]

During the events of the invasion of Pandaria, the sentinels and the Temple were attacked by the mantid. They were assisted by the adventurers of the Alliance and Horde.





  • They have two variants of uniforms: the dark mail armor with  [Black Dragonscale Shoulders] used by the sentinels, and the blue plate armor worn by the two Ogos and Kyana.

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