No Accounting for Taste

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AllianceNo Accounting for Taste
Start Buzzbox 413 [53.27, 19.62]
End Wizbang Cranktoggle [51.14, 19.65]
Level 11 (Requires 8)
Category Darkshore
Experience 875
Reputation +250 Darnassus
Rewards 4s (+5s 40c at max level)
Shareable Yes
Previous Buzzbox 413
Next Buzzbox 723


Retrieve a sample from a decomposing bear carcass east of Buzzbox 413.


<The machine buzzes for a few moments before Whizbang's voice breaks through.>

Interesting! The source of this corruption definitely came from something external—no surprises there—but it appears that in this case they've been eating something afoul. A large mammal probably. Most likely a bear.

Search the beach for a bear carcass for me. Slightly east of there would make the most sense, on the inland side of the beach. Bring me the sample back at town.


You will receive: 4s (+5s 40c at max level)


Welcome back! Did you find that bear sample that I was looking for?


This definitely looks like the stuff they were eating. Let me take a closer peek...


The carcass you are looking for is almost due South-East from the buzzbox.


  1. Optional breadcrumbs:
  2. A [10] The Last Wave of Survivors & A [10] Threat from the Water
  3. A [10] Buzzbox 413
  4. A [11] No Accounting for Taste
  5. A [11] Buzzbox 723
  6. A [11] A Cure In The Dark & A [11] The Corruption's Source

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