No Friend of Mine

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VenthyrNo Friend of Mine
Start Mikanikos
End Mikanikos
Level 60 (Requires 60)
Category Venthyr Campaign
Experience 9,450
Rewards 51g 48s
Previous N [60] A Tense Reunion
Next N [60] A Perfect Circle, N [60] Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons


"Famos, Forgelite of the Forsworn. Once assistant to Mikanikos."

Kill Famos in the Eternal Forge and collect Mikanikos's Toolchest.


Tools. I can not work without my tools!

Famos, my former apprentice, stole them all when she went to the Forsworn.

It breaks my heart. She had so much promise.

She must be stopped.


You will receive:

  • 51g 48s
  • 9,450 XP


I need my tools. My work cannot be done without them.


My tools. At least Famos took care of them.


  • During the beta, the quest was named Powerful Tools.


  1. N [60] How to Wear Seven Medallions
  2. N [60] Hidden Mirror
  3. N [60] A Tense Reunion
  4. N [60] Right our Wrongs, N [60] No Friend of Mine, N [60] The Right Stuff
  5. N [60] A Perfect Circle, N [60] Phaestus, Genesis of Aeons
  6. N [60] Crown of the Harvesters
  7. N [60] Heavy is the Head...
  8. N [60] Citadel of Loyalty
  9. N [60] Lowering Their Defenses, N [60] Disloyalty
  10. N [60] Face Your Fears
  11. N [60] The Prince's New Crown

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