No Pack Left Behind

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NeutralNo Pack Left Behind

Dead Packer
Start Brother Rabbitsfoot [52.0, 67.2]
End Brother Rabbitsfoot [52.0, 67.2]
Level 88 (Requires 87)
Category Kun-Lai Summit
Experience 162000
Rewards  [Grummlepack]
10g 60s
Previous N [88] The Rabbitsfoot, N [88] The Broketooth Ravage
Next N [88] Bros Before Hozen


Recover 8 Grummlepacks from Camp Broketooth or The Deeper.


The Broketooth hozen south of here killed all of my grummles. What is worse, their packages are undelivered.

Fortune frowns on a grummlepack undelivered.

Please, give my grummles peace on the great trail of beyond and bring their grummlepacks to me.

I will see they are delivered.


You will receive: 10g 60s

You will also receive:
Inv misc bag 36.png [Grummlepack]


Grummles are a simple people. We are made to explore and deliver.


You are good fortune for grummles.

When we are back at a proper camp I must buy you the smelliest, luckiest incense I can find.


  • 162000 XP


Pick up N [88] A Monkey Idol and N [88] Breaking Brooketooth before heading out.

Due south is the mouth of the Deeper cave system. Start killing hozen and looking for grummle corpses. Just outside of the Deeper is Hateful Ko Ko and his altar. Kill him and loot the  [Corpse of Ko Ko], then place it on his altar. Enter the Deeper to find Dak Dak. Loot the  [Corpse of Dak Dak] and place it on his altar in the center of the big room on the lower level. Exit the cave system and head east to reach Camp Broketooth. Tak Tak is out on the surface at the back of the camp to the southeast. Put the  [Corpse of Tak Tak] on his altar, then wrap up the other quests before heading back.


  1. N [88] A Grummle's Luck & N [88] Traffic Issues & N [88] Oil Stop
  2. N [88] Roadside Assistance
  3. N [88] The Burlap Trail: To Burlap Waystation
  4. N [88] The Rabbitsfoot & N [88] The Broketooth Ravage
  5. N [88] A Monkey Idol & N [88] No Pack Left Behind & N [88] Breaking Brooketooth
  6. N [88] Bros Before Hozen
  7. N [88] The Snackrifice & N [88] Thumping Knucklethump & N [88] Hozen Love Their Keys
  8. N [88] Grummle! Grummle! Grummle! & N [88] Unleash The Yeti!
  9. N [88] The Leader Hozen

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