HordeNo Price Too High
Start Rexxar
End Lilian Voss
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Horde War Campaign
Experience 1,800
Reputation +150 The Honorbound
Rewards 2g 34s
Previous H [120] Tracking Tidesages
Next H [120] They Will Know Fear, H [120] Scattering Our Enemies & H [120] Commander and Captain


Help Rexxar track down a tidesage.

  • Help Rexxar locate a tidesage
  • Tidesage located


I have tracked a tidesage to a camp nearby. He has been staying there with his family.

Be warned, tidesages are powerful foes. They have mastery over all the elements, and some even manipulate the Void.

If this man is with his family, it means he may not give up so easily.

Let us hope he's smart enough to keep them out of this.



You will receive:


Let's hope this tidesage is telling the truth or else it's about to get very bloody.


On accept
Rexxar says: Misha, stay here. The rest of us will track this tidesage, and then Lilian will do... whatever it is you plan on doing.
Lilian Voss says: Don't care for the details, Rexxar?
Rexxar says: No, I do not.
Rexxar and Lilian leave the Great Hall.
At Tidebreak Summit

Gossip Any clues on where we can find a tidesage?

Rexxar says: Hrm, the tidesage was here some time ago, I watched him protect and serve his family.
Lilian Voss says: Well, I could make a few threats to the woman, see if she gives us some details...
Rexxar says: There is no honor in that. We can just ask. We have no qualms with a crying mother.
Rexxar approaches Julia Zelling who is surrounded by Matthew Zelling and Hannah Zelling.
Julia Zelling says: The Horde... are you here to take more from me? My husband is dying, I'm penniless... just leave my children be, please.
Rexxar says: All I want to know is your husband's location. No harm will come to you or your family.
Julia Zelling says: Anything you do couldn't be worse than the disease... he went east to die in peace, away from the children. Please, just leave us be.
Rexxar says: We must hurry if we are to get this tidesage's help.
Rexxar and Lilian run north.
On approach
Thomas Zelling says: The Void, the elements <cough>...can nothing stop this damned disease? Why did it have to end like this?

<cough> The Horde. Here I thought I would die in peace.

Well? What are you waiting for?

Gossip I'm here to ask you for help, not to kill you.

Lilian Voss jumps down from above while Rexxar approaches from behind.
Lilian Voss says: <Name> is right, sort of. You won't get hurt if you help us, preferably before you die.
Thomas Zelling says: One of the Forsaken. Perhaps it's a <cough> sign. Tell me, miss...?
Lilian Voss says: Lilian Voss. I'm the one asking the questions. Can you track people? Objects?
Thomas Zelling says: Miss Voss. Did you retain any sicknesses, any diseases that you had in life when you were returned?
Lilian Voss says: Do not try my patience, or I'll make you wish your disease already killed you. I need to see how good your magic is before we go any further.
Thomas Zelling says: Is my family safe?
Lilian Voss says: I said do not try my--
Thomas Zelling says: I must know if my family is safe! <cough>
Rexxar says: They are safe. Help us and we will continue to ensure their safety.
Thomas Zelling says: <cough> I... I will do what I can, Miss Voss. You want someone or something located, correct? Let me see what I can do without my book...
Thomas Zelling says: There are Alliance and Kul Tiran forces at Sagehold. They are awaiting reinforcements and are vulnerable to an attack at this moment.
Lilian Voss says: Good. Prove how useful you can be to the Horde and we'll see how much longer we let you live this life.


  1. H [120] Operation: Water Wise
  2. H [120] Tracking Tidesages
  3. H [120] No Price Too High
  4. H [120] They Will Know Fear, H [120] Scattering Our Enemies & H [120] Commander and Captain
  5. H [120] Zelling's Potential
  6. H [120] Whatever Will Be
  7. H [120] To Be Forsaken

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