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The ghostly nobles.

The nobles of Darkshire[1] were the ruling class of the township of Darkshire in the Duskwood. Around the beginning of the First War, they were invited at a party overseen by Moroes in Karazhan, where they waited to see Medivh returning from Stormwind City.[2] They died when Medivh, driven insane by the demon within,[3] drained the life of all humans nearby in order to battle Aegwynn.[4]

Nowadays they are all ghosts continuing the party like before and assisting Moroes if he fights unannounced visitors.

During the third invasion of the Burning Legion, the nobles were encountered again in Karazhan, and some of them were freed to join the class orders to fight on the Broken Isles.



  • A statement from The Burning Crusade Karazhan entry on World of Warcraft site[5] was made that the nobles of Darkshire ventured into Deadwind Pass to investigate the blight that had settled over the region. This stands in conflict with Moroes's quote about seeing Medivh, who was long dead at this time. This has also been retconned by World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 2 as described in the lead section above.
  • Since this happened before Brightwood was turned into Duskwood, the nobles should be from Grand Hamlet not Darkshire.


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Due to Ebonlocke's gossip where he refers to the other six nobles as "those" and the fact that Exploring Azeroth: The Eastern Kingdoms states that "all of six of the nobles of Darkshire were the final ones to enjoy such hospitality as living beings", it is likely that Ebolocke was killed at a different time than the others.

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