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The nobles of Gilneas are the ruling class of the kingdom of Gilneas. Some were slain during the civil war, while others were turned into worgen or Forsaken during the Forsaken invasion. Others remain human in exile from their homeland.[1]


The Greymane family rules over all of Gilneas. Their home of Greymane Manor overlooked the southern region of Duskmist Shore and Duskhaven, and it is located behind the Queen's Gate and King's Gate. This area of Gilneas has since sunk outside of the manor, but once held cottages for the Crowley[2] and the Walden families.[3] Gilneas City also appears to be explicitly ruled by the royal family.[1]

The Crowley family ruled over the lands that constituted both Pyrewood Village (and as a result, Shadowfang Keep) and Ambermill,[4] making Baron Silverlaine a vassal of theirs as a result. Lord Mayor Morrison was also the mayor of Pyrewood, placing him implicitly under Crowley's service. Lord Harford was also noted as a servant of Arugal and from beyond the wall, meaning he was likely one of Crowley's vassals as well. The Marley family ruled over an unspecified province near Gilneas' borders, which at the time stretched to about the proximity of the Deep Elem Mine. His lands were deemed ill-suited as they lacked natural boundaries to assist with the wall. Given that his lands would not have drawn issue with the Crowleys, his territories were likely near Deep Elem Mine; perhaps Ambermill itself and the surrounding land, which would have made him subservient to Crowley himself. Marley notably remained behind the Greymane Wall in spite of this.

The Godfreys ruled over a region just south of the Greymane Wall, within proximity to the Northgate lands.[5] Given that Godfrey specifies the wall would cut into 'some' of Crowley's lands, and the Northgate rebellion was named for the region that supported Crowley the most; it is unlikely that Godfrey's lands were the Northgate Woods. This leaves Emberstone Village to potentially be Godfrey's holdings, which would give him ties to the eastern lords that he later convinces to betray Genn in the worgen starting zone, or the Northern Headlands.

Ashbury and Walden are referred to as the "eastern lords", which would constitute areas such as Emberstone Village and Tempest's Reach.[6] It is not specified where either of these two lords actually rule over beside this, though the Walden family is noted to have homes outside of the east and Lord Walden himself is killed in a house in Tempest's Reach; meaning they may have been 'unlanded' nobility. Lord Hewell is also present at the meeting and spoke against turning over Genn Greymane to the Forsaken. Given the context, Hewell may also be an eastern lord, as the quest specifies that only two lords joined Godfrey's plot; alternatively he may have also been from the neighboring Stormglen Village.

The lands of the Tulvans and Candrens are entirely unknown with no allusions to any potential regions, though the Tulvans are stated to be 'earls'. Lord Hiram Creed's territory, if any, is also unknown. Given that he was, in truth, a drakonid, it is unknown if there is an actual Creed family that he infiltrated / impersonated into, or if he was the only member. Baron Longshore states that he was once a legitimate baron of Gilneas; though where his lands would have been, or if someone else was given jurisdiction over them, is unknown.

The dog Woofington was given the title of lord of Havenswood after the rest of the denizens of the island succumbed to madness.

Noble families[]


Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Human Male King Archibald Greymane Deceased King of Gilneas. Father of Genn.
IconSmall GennIconSmall Greymane King Genn Greymane Alive King of Gilneas. Son of Archibald.
IconSmall Mia Queen Mia Greymane Alive Wife of King Genn Greymane.
IconSmall Human Male Prince Liam Greymane Deceased Former prince and heir to the throne of Gilneas. Killed by Sylvanas Windrunner.
IconSmall Tess Princess Tess Greymane Alive Princess of Gilneas, heir to the throne following Liam's death.


Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Human Male Lord Ashbury the 1st Deceased Councilor of King Archibald Greymane. Father of Baron Ashbury.
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Godfrey Baron Ashbury Deceased (Undead) Son of Lord Ashbury the 1st. Former councilor of King Genn Greymane, traitor alongside Godfrey and Walden. Raised as Forsaken, he later followed Godfrey within Shadowfang Keep. Killed on the orders of both factions.


Name Status Occupation
IconSmall DariusIconSmall Crowley Lord Darius Crowley Alive Leader of the rebels during the Northgate Rebellion. Now leader of the Gilneas Liberation Front and the Gilneas Brigade.
IconSmall Lorna Lorna Crowley Alive Daughter of Darius Crowley. Commander of the Gilneas Liberation Front and Gilneas Brigade.

Other nobles[]

Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Human Male Lord Candren Alive Gilneas Quartermaster.
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Worgen Male Lord Geoffery Tulvan Killable Fighter in the Crucible of Carnage.
IconSmall Worgen Male Lord Harford Deceased A former worgen servant of Arugal in Shadowfang Keep who escaped and joined the Argent Dawn. Captured by the Scarlet Crusade and executed by the death knights of Acherus.
IconSmall Human Male Lord Hewell Alive Unknown.
IconSmall Human Male Lord Marley Unknown Councilor of King Genn Greymane.
IconSmall VincentIconSmall Godfrey Lord Vincent Godfrey Deceased (Undead) Former councilor of King Genn Greymane, traitor alongside Ashbury and Walden. Raised as Forsaken, he later betrayed Sylvanas and became the master of Shadowfang Keep. Killed on the orders of both factions.
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Godfrey Lord Walden Deceased (Undead) Former councilor of King Genn Greymane, traitor alongside Ashbury and Godfrey. Raised as Forsaken, he later followed Godfrey within Shadowfang Keep. Killed on the orders of both factions.
IconSmall Human Male Lord Mayor Morrison Deceased Leader of Pyrewood Council and Arugal's puppet. Killed during an ambush by the Deathstalkers.[7]
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall Ghost Baron Silverlaine Active (Undead) Former lord of Shadowfang Keep, an area that held loyalty to Darius Crowley past the Greymane Wall. Slain by Arugal and his worgen and cursed to defend the keep as a ghost. Even after Arugal was slain, the baron's spirit continues to defend his former home.
IconSmall Human MaleIconSmall DrakonidBlack Lord Hiram Creed Killable Black drakonid under the guise of a noble of Gilneas.
IconSmall Human Male Baron Longshore[8] Killable Captain of the pirate ship Heedless, and one of the Gilneans locked out of Gilneas by the Greymane Wall. Imprisoned by the forces of Theramore on the Merchant Coast.
IconSmall Mastiff Lord Woofington Killable Lord of Havenswood.

Speculated nobles[]

This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.
Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Human Male Aderic Deceased Referred to as a "patriarch", and has the Royal Aderic Banquet named in his honor.[9] Possibly a long-dead king or nobleman.


  • Gilneas appears to use nobility conventions of the United Kingdom, which is fitting given their inspiration from England.
    • The title of "Lord Mayor" is an actual title used in the United Kingdom, which is granted to the mayors of major cities.
    • Lord Geoffery Tulvan is referred to as the "Earl of Evisceration".[10] Earl is a title only used within the United Kingdom and is the counterpart to the more commonly seen "Count", used by other countries.
    • The title used by Alys Finnsson, a Gilnean member of the Twilight's Hammer, of Dame is a part of the British honors system, as a female counterpart to the honorific of 'sir' bestowed upon knights.


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