Nobundo Sends Word

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AllianceNobundo Sends Word
Start Rangari D'kaan
End Vindicator Nobundo
Level 98 (Requires 98)
Category Nagrand (alternate universe)
Experience 1,480 experience
Next B [98] Called to the Throne


Find Vindicator Nobundo at the Throne of Elements.


Your presence has been requested at the Throne of Elements, <name>.

Vindicator Nobundo has heard the call of the furies upon the wind and made the journey to commune with the elements.

I know not what the intentions of the furies are, but they are revered as noble and powerful spirits by the orcs.


I am glad to see that you have arrived safely.

Come, there is much work to be done here.


You will also receive: 1g 46s


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