Nook of Konk.

The Nook of Konk[31, 32] is a small cave located along the Ascent of Swirling Winds behind some ancient mogu ruins in the Jade Forest. Konk, a minor leader of the Forest Hozen calls the nook home. The ground is littered with Horde bottles.

After Konk is killed, Zin'Jun dies and the surviving Horde attack force members (General Nazgrim, Sergeant Gorrok, Rivett Clutchpop, Shademaster Kiryn, and Shokia) leave Honeydew Village to make their way into the cave, making it a temporary base. Merchant Zin follows them waiting outside the cave.


  • While the Horde controls the cave:
  • After the Horde group moves on, the area phases back to having Konk inside.

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