NeutralNordrassil's Bough
Start Kalecgos
End  [Branch of Nordrassil]
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Category Borean Tundra
Experience 104100
Rewards  [Branch of Nordrassil]
53g 50c
Previous N [35] Delegation
Next N [35] Emergency Extraction


Collect the Branch of Nordrassil at Amber Ledge in Borean Tundra.


Much has transpired since last we spoke.

I have taken it upon myself to visit the Nexus and recover Anachronos's artifact, but not before using it for myself. Now I too have witnessed that which you have seen.

Before discussing the matter further, allow me to express my gratitude to you for your assistance, both here and in the Plane of Fire.


You will receive:


Nordrassil's Bough is now joined with the Timeless Eye.

Even a battleworn hero such as yourself cannot help but be humbled by such a gift.


Do NOT sell or disenchant the Branch of Nordassil. It is required for a later quest.


  1. B [35] Your Time Has Come
  2. B [35] A Legendary Engagement
  3. N [35] A Wrinkle in Time
  4. N [35] All-Seeing Eye
  5. N [35] On a Wing and a Prayer
  6. N [35] Through a Glass, Darkly
  7. N [35D] Actionable Intelligence
  8. N [35] Delegation
  9. N [35] Nordrassil's Bough
  10. N [35] Emergency Extraction
  11. N [35] At One
  12. N [35] Time Grows Short
  13. N [35] Alignment
  14. N [35R] Heart of Flame
  15. B [35] The Stuff of Legends

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