The North Coast.

The North Coast is a stretch of beach bordering a portion of the Great Sea. It lies along the northern edge of the Tirisfal Glades, and is mostly inhabited by ravenous murlocs and various marine animals. Since the Plague of Undeath marred the region with its taint, the coast has become dark and cold, the site of several dead sea creatures rotting at the edge of the water.

The murloc Deeb can be found standing idle here.

In the Battle for Lordaeron, the coast became the landing site for the Alliance, destroying much of it — including the murloc huts. The trail of destruction ranging from the Alliance's landfall to the ruins of Brill is called the Lion's Wake.


  • The Vile Fin spawning grounds are not too far off from shore, because of this many murloc tadpoles can be seen hanging around the huts.

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