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Zone map

Northern Barrens is a 10 to 20 zone for Horde players. Since the Cataclysm, the zone has been thrown into disarray with floods, earthquakes and a Quilboar invasion. Players travel around the zone trying to create stability and preserve the connection between Orgrimmar and Thunder Bluff.

Caravan Run

After following one of three breadcrumb quests to the Northern Barrens, players find themselves at Far Watch Post where they are thrust into battle with the Razormane quilboar. Kargal Battlescar and Halga Bloodeye have players beat back the Quilboar and retrieve stolen supplies from their cave. After retrieving the supplies, Halga tasks players with escorting a vital supply caravan all the way to Crossroads in H [5-30] Crossroads Caravan Pickup.

  1. H [12] In Defense of Far Watch
  2. H [5-30] Crossroads Caravan Pickup

After a difficult journey, the caravan stops for supplies at Grol'dom Farm where they are having their own problems with the Quilboar. The Orc Togrik has players capture one of the Quilboar for questioning in H [5-30] Drag it Out of Them. The captured Quilboar reveals that they are being led by a Quilboar named Tortusk. After eliminating Tortusk in H [12] The Tortusk Takedown, the remaining Quilboar scatter and the caravan can continue all the way to Crossroads.

  1. H [5-30] Drag it Out of Them
  2. H [5-30] By Hook Or By Crook
  3. H [12] The Tortusk Takedown
    1. H [12] Grol'dom's Missing Kodo
    2. H [5-30] Animal Services
    3. H [12] The Kodo's Return
  4. To the Crossroads:H [5-30] Crossroads Caravan Delivery


In the Crossroads there are several quest chains that can be followed:

The Sergra Darkthorn line has players doing quests for Sergra Darkthorn around Crossroads. To begin with, she has players test their mettle by hunting various beasts around the town before giving them a mission in H [15] The Purloined Payroll. A caravan with silver wages went missing on the road to Ratchet and she sends players to investigate. It is soon found that the caravan was attacked by Raptors who were attracted to the shiny metal. The silver is recovered in H [15] The Stolen Silver and delivered to Gazrog in Ratchet.

  1. H [5-30] Echeyakee
  2. H [14] Into the Raptor's Den
  3. H [15] The Purloined Payroll
  4. H [15] Investigate the Wreckage
  5. H [15] To Track a Thief
  6. H [15] The Stolen Silver

The Oasis line is started by the concerned Tauren druid Tonga Runetotem, who has felt a disturbance in the land. Additionally, the once-barren oases of the land are blooming with life again. He sends players to the Forgotten Pools to investigate where this power is coming from in The Forgotten Pools. Players discover that there are fissures in the ground from which power is emanating. Tonga then sends players to investigate the Stagnant Oasis before thanking them and continuing his research. While at these two oases, players can accept side quests which involve the Kolkar Centaurs who have grown in power recently. These quests involve taking down Kolkar warriors and leaders before eventually taking out Verog the Dervish in the quest of the same name and putting a large setback in the Centaur expansion.

  1. H [13] The Forgotten Pools
  2. H [5-30] A Growing Problem
  3. H [16] The Stagnant Oasis & H [5-30] Altered Beings
    • Side quests:
    1. H [14] King of Centaur Mountain
    2. H [15] Flushing Out Verog
    3. H [16] Verog the Dervish

The Fungal Spores line is started by the Fosaken Apothecary Helbrim who is trying to create a new biological weapon using the life energy of the oases. He has players use the power of the oases to create explosive spores that he tries to send back to Undercity. However before he can, the research is taken to Orgrimmar and players are warned to stay away from the Undead.

  1. H [5-30] Fungal Spores
  2. H [14] In Fungus We Trust
  3. H [14] Who's Shroomin' Who?

After spending some time in the zone and leveling up, another quest line opens up from Thork in Crossroads who sends players to Regthar Deathgate. Regthar is preparing to eliminate the Kolkar threat once and for all, starting by eliminating Hezrul Bloodmark. After this, the centaur are enraged and launch a full-scale attack on the Horde outpost in H [5-30G] Counterattack! Players resist the attack and defeat Warlord Krom'zar, leader of the Kolkar, to end the Kolkar threat in the Northern Barrens once and for all.

  1. H [5-30] Deathgate's Reinforcements
  2. H [5-30] Hezrul Bloodmark
  3. H [5-30G] Counterattack!


The Sergra Darkthorn and Fungal Spores quest lines both lead players to Ratchet where more three short quest lines can be started.

The first quest chain is started by Gazlowe, who has players locate his lost treasure by speaking to the captured pirate Baron Longshore. After retrieving the treasure, Gazlowe sends the player to Nozzlepot's Outpost, up the river, to pay Nozzlepot for his help.

  1. H [16] Find Baron Longshore
  2. H [16] The Baron's Demands
  3. H [5-30] A Most Unusual Map
  4. H [16] Gazlowe's Fortune
  5. H [16] Raging River Ride

The second short quest line is also started by Gazlowe, who is annoyed at the constant interference of the Alliance in his city. He has players blow up the Alliance ships in his harbor to get them out.

  1. H [5-30] Club Foote
  2. H [16] Love it or Limpet
  3. H [5-30] Ammo Kerblammo

Side quest:

H [5-30] A Captain's Vengeance

The final short quest line in Ratchet is started by Wharfmaster Dizzywig who is dealing with Southsea Freebooters on Fray Island. He supports Tony Two-Tusk with weapons and money (with players' help of course) and in return, Tony takes out Alicia Cuthbert and takes over the pirates himself. With Tony in charge, the attacks on Ratchet stop.

  1. H [16] Take it up with Tony
  2. H [16] Glomp is Sitting On It
  3. H [16] Guns. We Need Guns.
  4. H [16] Mutiny, Mon!

Side quests:

H [16] Southsea Freebooters
N [16] WANTED: Cap'n Garvey

Another quest available in Ratchet has players killing King Reaperclaw for his horn. N [18] It's Gotta be the Horn

Nozzlepot's Outpost

Nozzlepot's Outpost is the final questing location in the Northern Barrens. In the Outpost players help Sputtervalve steal a machine from the nearby Venture Co. camp known as the Samophlange. After retrieving it, the Goblins of the outpost work together to put it back together (with the help of the player) and it explodes triumphantly.

  1. H [5] Samophlange
  2. H [5] Samophlange
  3. H [5] Samophlange
  4. H [5] Samophlange
  5. H [5] Samophlange Repair
  6. H [5] Wenikee Boltbucket
  7. H [5] Nugget Slugs
  8. H [15] Return to Samophlanger
  9. H [14] Read the Manual

A side quest in the Venture Co. camp has players steal a shredder to bring back to Nozzlepot's Outpost.

A couple of sidequests are also given by Nozzlepot himself.

H [5-30] Sludge Investigation
H [5-30] Hyena Extermination
H [5-30] Sludge Beast!

Also at Nozzlepot's Outpost, Sputtervalve gives players the option to take his new invention back to Crossroads. Needless to say, it goes badly and players end up near the Forgotten Pools where Darsok Swiftdagger is dealing with the Witchwing Harpies. He enlists players to help take down the Harpies and eventually their leader Serena Bloodfeather.

  1. H [5-30] The Short Way Home
  2. H [17] Harpy Raiders
  3. H [17] Harpy Lieutenants
  4. H [18] Serena Bloodfeather

Finally, once the player deals with the harpies, they are directed back to Crossroads for one final questline that eventually leads to Ashenvale.

  1. H [5-30] Report to Thork
  2. H [5-30] Mor'shan Caravan Pick-Up
  3. H [5-30] Mor'shan Caravan Rescue
  4. H [5-30] Demon Seed
  5. H [5-30] Mor'shan Caravan Delivery

Full Quest List

Quest Name Start End XP Reputation Reward Description
H [12] Preserving the Barrens Gotura Fourwinds Kargal Battlescar 1,075 +75 Orgrimmar 2s 50c Report to Kargal Battlescar in the Northern Barrens to preserve the vital territory.
Horde 15.png [10] Warchief's Command:
Northern Barrens!
Warchief's Command Board Kargal Battlescar 85 +10 Orgrimmar -- Travel to the Northern Barrens where Centaur and Quilboar are harrying the Horde.
H [12] In Defense of Far Watch Kargal Battlescar Kargal Battlescar 910 +250 Orgrimmar -- Defend Far Watch Post by driving back the Razormane Quilboar back from the river.
H [11] Through Fire and Flames Dorak Dorak 880 --  [Flame Retardant Sheet] or  [Wolf Tender's Boots] Free the wolves trapped in a burning barn.
H [12] The Far Watch Offensive Kargal Battlescar Kargal Battlescar 910 +250 Orgrimmar  [Thornweaver Leggings] or  [Pigman Belt] or  [Kargal's Breastplate] Launch a tactical strike on Kreenig Snarlsnout, who is leading the Quilboar incursions on Far Watch Post.
H [12] Plainstrider Menace Halga Bloodeye Halga Bloodeye 910 +250 Orgrimmar 5s Clear out the plainstriders that get in the way of caravans crossing the Barrens.
H [12] Supplies for the Crossroads Halga Bloodeye Halga Bloodeye 910 +250 Orgrimmar 5s Retrieve the shipment of supplies meant for the Crossroads from the Quilboar camp.
H [5-30] Crossroads Caravan Pickup Halga Bloodeye Kranal Fiss 910 +250 Orgrimmar  [Bloodeye Belt] or  [Kranal's Vest] or  [Caravan Escort's Gloves]
Escort the caravan as it travels from Far Watch Post to Grol'dom Farm, defending it from Quilboar attackers.
H [5-30] Drag it Out of Them Togrik Togrik 910 -- 5s Capture a Quilboar in a net and bring him back to Togrik.
H [5-30] By Hook Or By Crook Togrik Togrik 680 -- 3s 50c Question the captured Quilboar to see what he reveals about the Quilboar attacks.
H [12] The Tortusk Takedown Togrik Togrik 1,150 --  [Wand of Separation] or  [Boar Hunter's Boots] or  [Togrik's Legguards]
Slay Tortusk, the Quilboar who has united the Razormane and coordinated their assault against Horde caravans and stop the attacks forever.
H [12] The Grol'dom Militia Una Wolfclaw Una Wolfclaw 910 -- 5s Defend Grol'dom Farm from Quilboar attacks until help can arrive.
H [5-30] Consumed by Hatred Mankrik Mankrik 910 +250 Orgrimmar  [Mankrik's Old Wedding Garments] or  [Quilboar Skin Gloves] or  [Mankrik's Boar Slicer] Slay droves of Quilboar to ease Mankrik's pain after they murdered his wife and destroyed his home.
H [12] Grol'dom's Missing Kodo Kranal Fiss Grol'dom Kodo 680 -- -- Find the missing Kodo belonging to Grol'dom Farm.
H [5-30] Animal Services Grol'dom Kodo Grol'dom Kodo 910 -- -- Use grain to restore strength to the missing Kodo so it can return to the farm.
H [12] The Kodo's Return Grol'dom Kodo Kranal Fiss 225 --  [Far Watch Musket] or  [Imported Bracers]
Check with Kranal Fiss to make sure the Kodo returned to the farm.
H [5-30] Crossroads Caravan Delivery Rocco Whipshank Thork 910 -- 6s Finish the journey to the Crossroads, defending the caravan from any Quilboar attacks along the way.
H [13] The Forgotten Pools Tonga Runetotem Tonga Runetotem 680 +150 Thunder Bluff -- Head to the Forgotten Pools and find the source of the mysterious change in the natural energy of the Barrens.
H [14] Kolkar Leaders Telar Highstrider Telar Highstrider 980 +150 Orgrimmar  [Tangled Thread Gloves] or  [Belt of the Forgotten Pool] or  [Highstrider Boots]
Slay Barak Kodobane, one of the Kolkar Centaurs who had rallied the others behind him.
H [5-30] A Little Diversion Ta'jari Ta'jari 910 -- 6s Slay Kolkar centaur so Ta'jari can escape from the Forgotten Pools.
H [5-30] A Growing Problem Tonga Runetotem Jerrik Highmountain 910 -- 4s Travel south through the Stagnant Oasis with Tonga's eagle aide and find Jerrik Highmountain.
H [16] The Stagnant Oasis Jerrik Highmountain Tonga Runetotem 1,150 +250 Thunder Bluff -- Experiment with the life energy emanating from the oases by planting dry seeds in the Stagnant Oasis.
H [5-30] Altered Beings Tonga Runetotem Tonga Runetotem 980 +250 Thunder Bluff 6s Investigate the altered animals of the oases of the Northern Barrens.
H [14] King of Centaur Mountain Gorgal Angerscar Shoe 980 -- 6s Slay the strongest Centaur warrior in the Stangant Oasis, Kurak.
H [15] Flushing Out Verog Shoe Shoe 1,050 -- 3s 50c Search for clues as to who Verog the Dervish could be.
H [16] Verog the Dervish Shoe Shoe 880 +150 Orgrimmar  [Robe of Shame] or  [Murderous Bracers]
Lure Verog the Dervish out by killing his mate, then slay him as well to disrupt the Kolkar in the Stagnant Oasis.
H [13] The Zhevra Sergra Darkthorn Sergra Darkthorn 910 +250 Orgrimmar 6s Prove your strength to Sergra by hunting the Zhevra of the plains.
H [13] Hunting the Huntress Sergra Darkthorn Sergra Darkthorn 910 +250 Orgrimmar 6s Take it a step forward by hunting the Savannah Huntresses that terrorize the plains.
H [5-30] Echeyakee Sergra Darkthorn Sergra Darkthorn 1,150 +350 Orgrimmar -- Take the ultimate challenge by hunting the Savannah king Echeyakee.
H [14] Into the Raptor's Den Sergra Darkthorn Sergra Darkthorn 980 +250 Orgrimmar  [Sunscale Cloak] or  [Darkthorn Piercer]
Hunt the Sunscale raptors at their nests South of the Crossroads.
H [15] The Purloined Payroll Sergra Darkthorn Gazrog 540 -- -- Find Gazrog in Ratchet and help investigate the case of the missing silver.
H [15] Investigate the Wreckage Gazrog Automatic 800 -- -- Go find the caravan crash site somewhere along the road from the Crossroads to Ratchet.
H [15] To Track a Thief Automatic Automatic 270 -- -- Find the source of the animal tracks around the crash site.
H [15] The Stolen Silver Automatic Gazrog 1,350 --  [Silver-Edged Blade] or  [Silver-Trim Leggings]
Teach the raptors a lesson for stealing the Horde's silver.
H [16] Waptor Twapping Kala'ma Kala'ma 1,150 --  [Waptor Thwapper] or  [Waptor Skin Boots] or  [Waptor Scale Bweastpwate]
Help Kala'ma set up his waptor twaps so that he can twap the waptors for the Horde.
N [18] It's Gotta be the Horn Mebok Mizzyrix Mebok Mizzyrix 1,350 +250 Ratchet  [Raptor Punch] x5 and  [Sharp Poker] or  [Smart Shoes] or  [Shrewd Crossbow] Find the smartest raptor in the Barrens, King Reaperclaw, and bring back his horn for Mebok.
H [5-30] Fungal Spores Apothecary Helbrim Apothecary Helbrim 1,050 +250 Undercity 14s Travel to the Forgotten Pools and collect fungal spores from the mushrooms that grow there.
H [14] In Fungus We Trust Apothecary Helbrim Apothecary Helbrim 980 --  [Fuzzy Gloves] or  [Ointment-Coated Bracers]
Plant a fungal culture in the Stagnant Oasis to test it out for Apothecary Helbrim.
H [14] Who's Shroomin' Who? Apothecary Helbrim Sashya 980 -- 6s Stealthily deliver the results of Apothecary Helbrim's research to Sashya in Ratchet, so she can bring them to Undercity.
H [5-30] Club Foote Gazlowe Gazlowe 580 -- 4s Get Chief Engineer Foote's ship schematics from him in a bar fight.
H [16] Love it or Limpet Gazlowe Automatic 1,150 -- 16s Plant a limpet mine in the Bellipotent, an Alliance vessel, and set it off.
H [5-30] Ammo Kerblammo Automatic Gazlowe 1,150 --  [Gouging Staff] or  [Bellipotent Gloves]
Burn Theramore's supply caches all around Ratchet.
H [5-30] A Captain's Vengeance Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun Captain Thalo'thas Brightsun 1,050 +250 Ratchet -- Get revenge on the Alliance pillagers by executing their marines and deckhands.
H [16] Take it up with Tony Wharfmaster Dizzywig Tony Two-Tusk 880 -- -- Help Tony Two-Tusk overthrow Cap'n Garvey to stop his attacks on Wharfmaster Dizzywig's ships.
H [16] Glomp is Sitting On It Tony Two-Tusk Tony Two-Tusk 1,150 -- 16s Kill Glomp and grap Glomp's Booty to fund the revolt.
H [16] Guns. We Need Guns. Tony Two-Tusk Tony Two-Tusk 1,150 -- -- Steal guns from Cap'n Garvey's special cache.
H [16] Mutiny, Mon! Tony Two-Tusk Wharfmaster Dizzywig 1,600 --  [Bachelor's Dagger] or  [Conspirator's Slippers] or  [Uninsured Bracers] or  [Mutineer's Cloak]
Capture the flagship Maiden's Dagger to complete the mutiny, then report back to Wharfmaster Dizzywig.
H [16] Southsea Freebooters Wharfmaster Dizzywig Wharfmaster Dizzywig 1,150 +150 Ratchet 16s Clear out the Southsea Freebooters from Frey Island so they can't do any more harm.
N [16] WANTED: Cap'n Garvey WANTED Gazlowe 1,150 +250 Ratchet  [Proof of Death] or  [Seaworthy Leggings] or  [Gazlowe's Gloves] or  [Retainer Vest]
Collect the bounty placed on Cap'n Garvey's head for his piracy.
H [16] Find Baron Longshore Gazlowe Baron Longshore 880 -- -- Speak to the captured Baron Longshore to find where he hid his stolen booty.
H [16] The Baron's Demands Baron Longshore Baron Longshore 290 -- -- Free Baron Longshore from his bindings so he will reveal where he hid his booty.
H [5-30] A Most Unusual Map Baron Longshore Gazlowe 880 -- -- Get Baron Longshore's map from the head of his first mate, which is hung up in the camp.
H [16] Gazlowe's Fortune Gazlowe Gazlowe 1,150 --  [Bling Cane] or  [Vest of Fortune] or  [Dividend Leggings]
Collect Gazlowe's treasure, dealing with anyone in the way.
H [16] Raging River Ride Gazlowe Nozzlepot 580 +75 Bilgewater Cartel 8s Deliver a cut of Gazlowe's treasure to Nozzlepot, up the river at Nozzlepot's Outpost.
H [5-30] Hyena Extermination Nozzlepot Nozzlepot 1,150 -- 8s Thin out the number of hyenas around Nozzlepot's Outpost.
H [5-30] Sludge Investigation Nozzlepot Nozzlepot 1,150 -- 8s Investigate the mysterious tracks coming from the Sludge Fen to try to find their source.
H [5-30] Sludge Beast! Nozzlepot Nozzlepot 1,150 --  [Nozzlepot's Vest] or  [Sludge Fen Cloak]
Find the creature creating the tracks and slay it.
H [5] Samophlange Sputtervalve Control Console 880 +150 Bilgewater Cartel -- Access the Venture Co. Outpost Control Console to steal the Samophlange.
H [5] Samophlange Control Console Control Console 580 +75 Bilgewater Cartel -- Disengage the three valves to shut down the Samophlange.
H [5] Samophlange Control Console Control Console 880 +150 Bilgewater Cartel -- Acquire the console key from Tinkerer Sniggles.
H [5] Samophlange Control Console Sputtervalve 1,150 +250 Bilgewater Cartel  [Painstakingly Crafted Belt] or  [Clean Room Boots] Remove the Samophlange and bring it back to Sputtervalve for "study".
H [5] Samophlange Repair Sputtervalve Brak Blusterpipe 115 -- -- Head over to Brak Blusterpipe with the Broken Samophlange for repairs.
H [5] Wenikee Boltbucket Brak Blusterpipe Wenikee Boltbucket 580 +75 Bilgewater Cartel -- Port to Wenikee Boltbucket to see if she can fix the increasingly-broken Samophlange.
H [5] Nugget Slugs Wenikee Boltbucket Wenikee Boltbucket 1,150 +250 Bilgewater Cartel -- Search the Burning Blade farm for 17.5 gauge nugget slugs to repair the Samophlange.
H [5-30] A Burning Threat Brogor Brogor 1,150 -- 8s Clear out the Burning Blade members gaining power in the Northern Barrens while the Horde is distracted.
H [15] Return to Samophlanger Wenikee Boltbucket Sputtervalve 580 -- -- Port back to Nozzlepot's Outpost and show Sputtervalve the destroyed Samophlange.
H [14] Read the Manual Sputtervalve Sputtervalve 1,450 +350 Bilgewater Cartel  [Out-of-Date Manual] or  [Scrap Metal Shield]
"Retrieve" the Samophlange Manual from Boss Copperplug and fix up the Samophlange.
H [5] Miner's Fortune Brak Blusterpipe Brak Blusterpipe 1,450 --  [Bargain Gloves] or  [Irregular Belt] or  [Misshapen Boots] Steal the Cat's Eye Emerald from the Venture Co. to make a small fortune.
H [5] Ignition Wizzlecrank's Shredder Wizzlecrank's Shredder 1,350 +250 Ratchet -- Take the Shredder's Ignition Key from Supervisor Lugwizzle.
H [5] The Escape Wizzlecrank's Shredder Sputtervalve 1,700 +350 Ratchet  [Sputtervalve Gun] or  [Bracers of Angry Mutterings] or  [Nozzlepot Leggings] Return the Shredder back to Nozzlepot's Outpost, hopefully in one piece.
H [5-30] Competition Schmompetition Sputtervalve Sputtervalve -- -- -- Retrieve Sputtervalve's stolen blueprints from the Venture Co. soldiers in the Sludge Fen.
H [5-30] The Short Way Home Sputtervalve Darsok Swiftdagger -- --  [Test Pilot Britches] or  [Emergency Hatchet] Ride Sputtervalve's Silver Bullet X-831 back to Crossroads...or not.
H [17] Harpy Raiders Darsok Swiftdagger Darsok Swiftdagger 1,250 +250 Orgrimmar 9s Take out Witchwing Harpies and collect their talons.
H [17] Harpy Lieutenants Darsok Swiftdagger Darsok Swiftdagger 1,150 +250 Orgrimmar 8s Take out the Harpy Lieutenants, the Witchwing Slayers, to send a message to the harpies.
H [18] Serena Bloodfeather Darsok Swiftdagger Darsok Swiftdagger 1,700 +350 Orgrimmar  [Cutthroat Band] or  [Bloodfeather Ring] or  [Darsok's Ring] Slay the Witchwing matron Serena Bloodfeather to stop any further attacks on the Horde.
H [5-30] Report to Thork Darsok Swiftdagger Thork 1,150 -- 8s Return to the Crossroads and speak to Thork, who has been looking for you.
H [5-30] Mor'shan Caravan Pick-Up Thork Nagala Whipshank 1,250 -- 9s Guard a caravan filled with vital supplies as it travels to the Mor'shan Ramparts in Ashenvale.
H [5-30] Mor'shan Caravan Rescue Nagala Whipshank Balgor Whipshank -- -- -- Rescue the kidnapped Balgor Whipshank from the Burning Blade cultists.
H [5-30] Demon Seed Balgor Whipshank Nagala Whipshank 1,250 --  [Sacrificial Blade]
Before leaving, steal the Demon Seed to disrupt the Burning Blade's plan to attack the Horde.
H [5-30] Mor'shan Caravan Delivery Nagala Whipshank Kadrak 1,250 --  [Mor'shan Caravaneer's Leggings] or  [Wild Rider's Gloves] or  [Kadrak's Axe]
Finish the journey to Ashenvale and defend the caravan against Burning Blade attackers.
H [5-30] Deathgate's Reinforcements Thork Regthar Deathgate 680 -- -- Find Regthar Deathgate's outpost and help him fight against the Kolkar Centaur.
H [5-30] Centaur Bracers Regthar Deathgate Regthar Deathgate 1,350 +250 Orgrimmar  [Marauding Belt] or  [Foolhardy Bracers] Slay elite centaur warriors to disrupt the formations and unity of the centaurs, and eventually defeat them.
H [5-30] Hezrul Bloodmark Regthar Deathgate Regthar Deathgate 1,450 +150 Orgrimmar  [Lushwater Cloak] or  [Gloves of Unfocused Rage] or  [Fractured Belt]
Slay Hezrul Bloodmark to cause chaos throughout the ranks of the Kolkar.
H [5-30G] Counterattack! Regthar Deathgate Regthar Deathgate 1,950 +350 Orgrimmar  [Shield of the Barrens] or  [Suppressor's Wand] or  [Deathgate Shield]
Resist the Kolkar counterattack and defend the Northern Barrens from their onslaught, then slay the warlord Krom'zar.