Northern Headlands.

The Northern Headlands is a region running along the Greymane Wall in northwestern Gilneas. There is no incentive to go here during the worgen starting experience, but Forsaken players quest here in the Ruins of Gilneas. During Forsaken questing, the area extends into what was is the Northgate Woods since the latter subzone does not display.

It is mostly peaceful save for the presence of Korok the Colossus, a giant ettin who wanders around the area. It is also home to Gilnean Hounds and Highlands Foxes, of interest to hunters interested in obtaining one of these new pets. The western portion contains several wandering rams and sheep around many ruins.

During the Horde questing experience in Silverpine Forest, players arrive at the nearby Forsaken Forward Command and find the Northern Headlands filled with Forsaken Vanguards and Worgen Rebels locked in combat. Korok has not taken kindly to their presence and will regularly hurls boulders at pairs of combatants; adventurers would be well advised to stay clear of his wrath. However, Forward Commander Onslaught will be grateful to anyone who takes care of this menace on behalf of his troops. After the Horde questing, the fighting ceases and the area returns to normal.

Like in the southern Headlands, ancient ruins are found throughout the area.


The battle rages on nearby.

Gilneas worgen starting experience
As the Ruins of Gilneas subzone


  • While not shown in the game, the Gilnean Coast, where the Battle for Gilneas battleground takes place, would be located in this region along the coastline. This is another example of the world not being to scale; but the location can be confirmed due to the placement of the Greymane Wall and how the end of the wall is located on both the overworld and battleground alongside the sea.

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