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Northrend Inscription Research allows a scribe to discover major glyphs. It is learned at an Inscription skill of 385 for 10g. The cooldown resets at midnight, server time. As the tool tip indicates, it is very likely, but not guaranteed, to discover new recipes.[1][2] The chance to discover something (given you still have recipes to discover) seems however to be rather high.[3] It also produces a stack of 1 to 3 random high level Scrolls or Vellums. When you have discovered everything, you will only get scrolls and vellums. Most of these recipes can be discovered at skill 385 and onward, but a few require max 430[4] (as of 4.2).

Discoverable recipes

NOTE: This list is accurate as of patch 4.2.0.

Death Knight Death knight

Druid Druid

Hunter Hunter

Mage Mage

Paladin Paladin

Priest Priest

Rogue Rogue

Shaman Shaman

Warlock Warlock

Warrior Warrior

Scrolls and vellums

The following scrolls and vellums are known to be produced by Northrend Inscription Research.

Item Amount
 [Enchanting Vellum] 1-2
 [Scroll of Agility VIII] 2-3
 [Scroll of Recall III] 2-3
 [Scroll of Stamina VIII] 2-3
 [Scroll of Strength VIII] 2-3
 [Scroll of Intellect VIII] 2-3
 [Weapon Vellum III] 1-2

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