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Engineering schematics

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Northrend Wrath of the Lich King
Cataclysm Cataclysm
Pandaria Mists of Pandaria
Draenor Warlords of Draenor
Legion Legion
Battle for Azeroth Battle for Azeroth
Shadowlands Shadowlands

Northrend proficiency Engineering can be trained as early as level 65, permits progression up to 75 skill, and access to the following schematics:

Note: The following skill levels have not been updated following the Battle for Azeroth profession destacking.

Item Category Materials Skill Source
Orange Yellow Green Gray
 [Handful of Cobalt Bolts] 2x  [Cobalt Bar] 350 360 370 380 Trainer
 [Volatile Blasting Trigger] 3x  [Cobalt Bar]
1x  [Crystallized Water]
350 366 375 385 Trainer
 [Cobalt Frag Bomb] 2x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
1x  [Volatile Blasting Trigger]
350 375 382 390 Trainer
 [Bladed Pickaxe] 5x  [Cobalt Bar] 375 380 385 390 Trainer
 [Hammer Pick] 5x  [Cobalt Bar] 375 380 385 390 Trainer
 [Overcharged Capacitor] 4x  [Cobalt Bar]
1x  [Crystallized Earth]
375 380 385 390 Trainer
 [Explosive Decoy] 1x  [Frostweave Cloth]
3x  [Volatile Blasting Trigger]
375 385 390 395 Trainer
 [Flexweave Underlay] 12x  [Frostweave Cloth]
1x  [Overcharged Capacitor]
380 380 383 385 Trainer
 [Frag Belt] 8x  [Cobalt Bar]
8x  [Volatile Blasting Trigger]
380 380 383 385 Trainer
 [EMP Generator] 4x  [Overcharged Capacitor] 390 390 393 395 Trainer
 [Froststeel Tube] 8x  [Cobalt Bar]
1x  [Crystallized Water]
390 395 400 405 Trainer
 [Diamond-Cut Refractor Scope] 1x  [Froststeel Tube]
2x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
390 400 408 415 Trainer
 [Mark "S" Boomstick] 10x  [Saronite Bar]
2x  [Froststeel Tube]
1x  [Hair Trigger]
1x  [Walnut Stock]
400 405 410 415 Trainer
 [Nitro Boosts] 6x  [Volatile Blasting Trigger]
6x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
405 405 405 410 Trainer
 [Box of Bombs] 5x  [Saronite Bar]
1x  [Volatile Blasting Trigger]
405 410 415 420 Trainer
 [Titanium Toolbox] 8x  [Saronite Bar]
8x  [Titanium Bar]
4x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
405 425 433 440  [Schematic: Titanium Toolbox]
[Dullard] 8x  [Saronite Bar]
1x  [Froststeel Tube]
410 410 415 420 Trainer
 [Goblin Beam Welder] 6x  [Saronite Bar]
3x  [Crystallized Fire]
3x  [Crystallized Water]
410 415 420 425 Trainer
 [Healing Injector Kit] 12x  [Saronite Bar]
2x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
410 415 420 425 Trainer
 [Scrapbot Construction Kit] 10x  [Saronite Bar] 415 415 418 420 N Engineering [25-30] The Prototype Console
 [Mana Injector Kit] 12x  [Saronite Bar]
2x  [Crystallized Water]
415 420 425 430 Trainer
 [Mechanized Snow Goggles]
 [Mechanized Snow Goggles]
 [Mechanized Snow Goggles]
 [Mechanized Snow Goggles]
8x  [Saronite Bar]
2x  [Borean Leather]
1x  [Eternal Shadow]
420 425 433 440 Trainer
 [Noise Machine] 2x  [Froststeel Tube]
2x  [Overcharged Capacitor]
8x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
420 435 440 445 Trainer
 [Sonic Booster] 2x  [Froststeel Tube]
4x  [Overcharged Capacitor]
2x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
420 435 440 445 Trainer
 [MOLL-E] 8x  [Saronite Bar]
8x  [Eternal Air]
425 430 433 435 Trainer
 [Sun Scope] 1x  [Froststeel Tube]
1x  [Sun Crystal]
1x  [Autumn's Glow]
425 430 433 435 Trainer
 [Gnomish Lightning Generator] 2x  [Titanium Bar]
8x  [Saronite Bar]
2x  [Eternal Water]
2x  [Eternal Air]
425 430 435 440 Trainer
 [Heartseeker Scope] 10x  [Saronite Bar]
2x  [Twilight Opal]
430 435 445 455 Trainer
 [Gnomish Army Knife] 10x  [Saronite Bar]
1x  [Skinning Knife]
1x  [Mining Pick]
1x  [Blacksmith Hammer]
435 440 445 450 Trainer
 [Wormhole Generator: Northrend] 8x  [Titanium Bar]
2x  [Eternal Shadow]
2x  [Eternal Water]
2x  [Eternal Fire]
2x  [Eternal Earth]
435 450 455 460 Trainer
 [Armored Titanium Goggles]
 [Charged Titanium Specs]
 [Electroflux Sight Enhancers]
 [Greensight Gogs]
 [Truesight Ice Blinders]
 [Unbreakable Healing Amplifiers]
 [Visage Liquification Goggles]
 [Weakness Spectralizers]
8x  [Titanium Bar]
4x  [Heavy Borean Leather]
1x  [Frozen Orb]
2x Northrend rare gem (varies)
4x Eternal ingredient (varies)
440 450 455 460 Trainer
 [Armor Plated Combat Shotgun] 10x  [Titanium Bar]
20x  [Saronite Bar]
15x  [Eternal Air]
15x  [Eternal Water]
1x  [Frozen Orb]
1x  [Walnut Stock]
450 455 460 465 Trainer
 [Nesingwary 4000] 10x  [Titanium Bar]
12x  [Eternal Fire]
12x  [Eternal Shadow]
3x  [Sun Scope]
1x  [Frozen Orb]
1x  [Walnut Stock]
450 455 460 465 Trainer
 [Jeeves] 2x  [Field Repair Bot 74A]
10x  [Field Repair Bot 110G]
20x  [Scrapbot Construction Kit]
8x  [Titansteel Bar]
2x  [King's Amber]
30x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
450 480 485 490  [Schematic: Jeeves]
Horde [Mechano-Hog]
Alliance [Mekgineer's Chopper]
12x  [Titansteel Bar]
40x  [Handful of Cobalt Bolts]
2x  [Arctic Fur]
1x  [Salvaged Iron Golem Parts]
9x  [Goblin-Machined Piston]
1x  [Elementium-Plated Exhaust Pipe]
450 480 485 490 Horde [Schematic: Mechano-Hog]
Alliance [Schematic: Mekgineer's Chopper]