Northrend yellow gems

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Were you looking for Outland yellow gems?

These gems are specific to Wrath of the Lich King. Here is a listing of all yellow Northrend gems by color.

Northrend yellow gems provide the following bonuses (updated for 4.0.1):

UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png Yellow
Critical Strike Rating Smooth
Dodge Rating Subtle
Haste Rating Quick
Resilience Rating Mystic

The following gems are cut into yellow socket gems (updated for 4.0.1):

List of gems (updated for 4.0.1):

Yellow, match UI-EmptySocket-Yellow.png yellow sockets.
Gem Effects Source
 [Smooth Sun Crystal] +12 Critical Strike Rating Trainer
 [Perfect Smooth Sun Crystal] +14 Critical Strike Rating [Gem Perfection]
 [Smooth Autumn's Glow] +16 Critical Strike Rating Sons of Hodir
 [Smooth King's Amber] +20 Critical Strike Rating Timothy Jones
 [Subtle Sun Crystal] +12 Dodge Rating Trainer
 [Perfect Subtle Sun Crystal] +14 Dodge Rating [Gem Perfection]
 [Subtle Autumn's Glow] +16 Dodge Rating Cyanigosa
 [Subtle King's Amber] +20 Dodge Rating Timothy Jones
 [Quick Sun Crystal] +12 Haste Rating Trainer
 [Perfect Quick Sun Crystal] +14 Haste Rating [Gem Perfection]
 [Quick Autumn's Glow] +16 Haste Rating Tiffany Cartier
 [Quick King's Amber] +20 Haste Rating Timothy Jones
 [Mystic Sun Crystal] +12 Resilience AllianceCaptain O'Neal
HordeLady Palanseer
 [Perfect Mystic Sun Crystal] +14 Resilience [Gem Perfection]
 [Mystic Autumn's Glow] +16 Resilience Wintergrasp
 [Kharmaa's Grace] +20 Resilience Wintergrasp
 [Mystic King's Amber] +20 Resilience Timothy Jones