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For the Warcraft: Orcs & Humans campaign missions of the same name, see Northshire Abbey (WC1 Human) and Northshire Abbey (WC1 Orc).
Northshire Abbey

The rebuilt abbey.

Main Hall

The Main Hall.

Hall of Arms (Northshire)

The Hall of Arms.

Library Wing (Northshire)

The Library Wing.

Northshire Abbey is the home of the human religious order of clerics known as the Brotherhood of Northshire. It is located in Northshire Valley in the foothills of Elwynn Forest of the Kingdom of Stormwind. The closest town to Northshire Abbey is Goldshire to the southwest.

Northshire Abbey is comprised of three sections: the Main Hall, Hall of Arms, and Library Wing. It holds trainers for mages, priests, warriors, monks, and paladins, as well as a couple of quest givers. The trainers for young human warlocks haunt the small graveyard to the east of the main doors. In the shadows of the stables one can find the rogue trainer and the hunter trainer can be found beside the horse pickets.


Long ago before the First War, devout clerics from the emergent Church of the Holy Light in Lordaeron had ventured south of the Eastern Kingdoms to spread their faith in the continent of Azeroth. Upon reaching Stormwind, these pious established the Holy Order of Northshire Clerics and the abbey that served as their home. Since, the clerics become a critical component of the kingdom, as a source of wisdom and comfort in hard times, while they used the powers of the Light to soothe the hearts and minds of Stormwind's citizens, and even helped the army of their kingdom fight through its life.[1] It was notably the location where Medivh was cared for during the years he was in a coma.[2][3]

First War[]

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Warcraft I - Map of Azeroth

Northshire Abbey on the Azeroth map of the First War.

During the course of the First War, the Clerics of Northshire, led by the Abbot of Northshire Abbey aided the armies of Stormwind in their fight against the Orcish Horde.

Shortly after Garona Halforcen was captured and brought to Northshire to be held prisoner, the abbey was destroyed in an orcish onslaught. In the Human campaign of Warcraft I, it is a band of human warriors, convinced by enemy agents to fight against the crown, who are the ones to initially attack Northshire Abbey. The abbey is shown as having some underground side tunnels. These were used as prisons for some orcs (some orcs were held in nicer-looking rooms) and a few ogres. The ogres would attack the orcs if seen, yet somehow were not hostile to the humans. Also in the tunnels were spiders, scorpions, slimes, and skeletons. None of them were hostile to the humans. Archers and brigands defended the abbey against the orcs. Also, Garona was in a room with a fire elemental who, after a certain amount of time, went crazy and broke out of Garona's prison to attack the orcs. It is not known who brought forth this elemental.

Before the refugees of Stormwind left their country toward Lordaeron, they rescued sacred tomes from the debris of Northshire Abbey which would later be used by the mages of Dalaran to learn the Invisibility spell.[4]

Second War[]

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During the Second War, the site of the abbey was the headquarters of Cho'gall's Twilight's Hammer clan, allied to Gul'dan.[5]

After the Alliance of Lordaeron reclaimed Elwynn Forest, Archbishop Alonsus Faol aided in rebuilding Northshire Abbey and helped in the creation of a new clerical order, comprised of clerics, priests and paladins, which was dubbed the Brotherhood of Northshire.[6]

World of Warcraft[]

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In contemporary times, Northshire Abbey is being used as a recruitment and training center for any adventurer brave enough to help keep the kingdom's peace.[7] The area, however, has been suffering a kobold infestation, increasing numbers of wolves, and the growing presence of bandits known as the Defias Brotherhood.

The Inv misc book 11 [Powers of the Void] tome was held in a protected wing of the library. One of the novices studying at the abbey stole it, and later joined the Defias Brotherhood.[8]


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Following the Cataclysm, Northshire Valley was invaded by orcs of the Blackrock clan and Goblin Assassins. Young human adventurers were sent to repel them.

Occupants of Northshire Abbey[]

Northshire Abbey stables

The stables of Northshire Abbey.

Northshire Abbey graveyard

The graveyard of Northshire Abbey.


There are a number of beginner quests available in here:

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Also see the Elwynn Forest questing guide.

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Primary security threats[]

Defias Brotherhood[]

The Defias Brotherhood have set up a base of operations within the Northshire Vineyards to the east of Northshire Abbey, led by Garrick Padfoot. They are forcing the local workers, including Milly Osworth, out of the vineyard. The brotherhood uses the base as a staging ground for raiding the local farmers and merchants.


A clan of kobolds has infested Echo Ridge Mine to the northwest of Northshire Abbey, forcing the workers out of the mine. Although the kobolds don't pose a significant threat to Northshire Abbey, their foothold in Northshire will only grow stronger if they are ignored.


A large number of wolves have appeared in the valley, presumably searching for new prey after being driven from Duskwood out of fear and despair. Although they rarely hunt humans, there have been incidents with farmers and missing livestock.


While deep within Alliance territory and strongly fortified, the occupants of Northshire Abbey are always concerned with the potential threat of another Horde attack.

In the RPG[]

Icon-RPG This section contains information from the Warcraft RPG which is considered non-canon.

Northshire Abbey sits in the Elwynn Forest's northeastern corner, in the middle of the woods. Beyond their holy duties, the priests hunt the dangerous animals in the forest and will lead any lost traveler back to the monastery for a hot meal, a bed, flawless directions out of the woods and healing, if necessary. These holy folk maintain an outpost of the grand Cathedral of Light in Stormwind.[9]

Film universe[]

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Northshire Abbey is only depicted on several maps and doesn't appear otherwise.



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