HordeNot Fireflies, Flameflies
Start Kibler [54.9, 22.6]
End Kibler [54.9, 22.6]
Level 15-30
Category Burning Steppes
Experience 7,070
Rewards One of the following:  [Lava Boots],  [Flamefly Spaulders], or  [Petting Gloves]
 [Tiny Flamefly]
Previous H [15-30] Flame Crest
For the Alliance version of this quest, see A [15-30] SEVEN! YUP!.

Not Fireflies, Flameflies is a gathering quest in the Burning Steppes.


Gather 7 Flameflies.


Most of my fellow residents here at Flame Crest seem to have left at some point. I guess the Burning Steppes weren't INTERESTING enough for them.

Not me, though. I'm always finding new reasons to not leave, and the latest happens to be the flameflies that have been appearing lately.

They appear near lava during the day. By night, you'll find them almost anywhere.

If you wouldn't mind collecting some, I might be able to make it worth your while.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv boots mail 12.png [Lava Boots] Inv shoulder 140v3.png [Flamefly Spaulders]
Inv gauntlets 111v3.png [Petting Gloves]

You will also receive: 75s and

Inv inscription pigment bug06.png [Tiny Flamefly]




Nice work! More pets for Kibler!


Pick up all of B [15-30] Blackened Ashes, B [15-30] Latent Demons of the Land and B [15-30] A Heap of Delicious Worg before heading out. Circle around to the southwest. Plenty of flamekin and flameflies in the magma nearby.


Optional breadcrumbs: N [15-30] Mouton Flamestar or A [15-30] Hero's Call: Burning Steppes! or H [15-30] Warchief's Command: Burning Steppes!

  1. Burning Vengeance
  2. B [15-30] Stocking Up / B [15-30] A Future Project / B [15-30] Mud Hunter
  3. B [15-30] The Sand, the Cider, and the Orb
  4. B [15-30] Warlocks Have the Neatest Stuff / B [15-30] Shadow Boxing
  5. A [15-30] Return to Keeshan / H [15-30] Return to Ariok
  6. B [15-30] Chiselgrip, the Heart of the Steppes
  7. B [15-30] A Needle in a Hellhole
    • Mandatory side chain:
    1. N [15-30] Prove Yer Allegiance / N [15-30] Scrapped Golems
    2. N [15-30] Golem Training
  8. B [15-30] A Perfect Costume
  9. B [15-30] Into the Black Tooth Hovel
  10. N [15-30] Grunt Work
  11. N [15-30] The Kodocaller's Horn
  12. B [15-30] Taking the Horn For Ourselves
  13. B [15-30] General Thorg'izog
  14. N [15-30] Trial by Magma
  15. N [15-30] I Am the Law and I Am the Lash
  16. B [15-30] Enough Damage For One Day
  17. A [15-30] Morgan's Vigil / H [15-30] Flame Crest
  18. B [15-30] Blackened Ashes / B [15-30] Latent Demons of the Land / B [15-30] A Heap of Delicious Worg
  19. B [15-30] Blood Tour / B [15-30] Draconic Vanguard / B [15-30] A Deal With a Dragon
  20. B [15-30] Placing the Pawns
  21. B [15-30] A Delivery for Thorg'izog / B [15-30] A Delivery for Neeralak / B [15-30] A Delivery for Xi'lun
  22. B [15-30] Locked and Loaded
  23. B [15-30] Assault on Dreadmaul Rock
  24. B [15-30] Glory Amidst Chaos
  25. B [15-30] The Spoils of War

Optional breadcrumb to Swamp of Sorrows: B [15-30] The Bogpaddle Bullet

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