NeutralNot My Job
Start Rendle [67.5, 68.5]
End Rendle
Level 58 (Requires 58)
Category Revendreth
Experience 970
Rewards 2g 52s 70c
Previous N [57] On The Road Again
Next N [58] It's a Dirty Job


Meet Rendle in the Dredgewood.


Right. So, 'em devourers are going to start creepin' out of the Endmire soon.

And with the anima drought puttin' the squeeze to the fangs... well... we ain't gettin' help from them until it's too late.

Us dredgers could use someone in your line of work. Professional destroyer as it were.

If you can spare the time, meet me out at the Dredgewood. We'll scoop up a couple of lads and see if we can't make a stand.


You will receive:

  • 2g 52s 70c
  • 970 XP


I see you decided to get your hands dirty and join us gents in the labor pool.


After making it to the Decimated Crossroad during N [57] On The Road Again, Rendle starts this optional quest chain.

On accept, Rendle silently runs off to the southeast.


  1. N [58] Not My Job
  2. N [58] It's a Dirty Job
  3. N [58] Dredger Duty
  4. N [58] We're Gonna Need a Bigger Dredger
  5. N [58] Running a Muck

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