Not So Complex?

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NeutralNot So Complex?
Start Nicholo Swiftfuse
End Nicholo Swiftfuse
Level 104 (Requires 104)
Category Inscription
Experience 15,620
Rewards 17g
Previous N Inscription [104] Runes Within the Ruins
N Inscription [104] Right Tool for the Job
Next N Inscription [104] Ancient Vrykul Mastered


Assist Nicholo with the creation of a rune tablet.

  • Protect Nicholo


Alright, I believe I've finished adding the missing entries into the codex. And we have the machete... err, knife.

All that's left is to make our own tablet and verify my other suspicion about these tablets:

I believe that they're not just simple texts, but a sort of magical device.


You will receive: 17g


It was a good thing you were here to help me with that.

I surely would have been killed by those spirits!



Be ready to fight an increasing number of Restless Ancestors.

Nicholo Swiftfuse
Gossip I'm ready when you are, Nicholo.
Nicholo Swiftfuse says: Just be ready in case anything happens, <name>.
Nicholo Swiftfuse says: Whew, this is a lot harder than it looks.
Nicholo Swiftfuse says: This is looking pretty good so far. Don't stop now, <name>.
Nicholo Swiftfuse says: I'm almost finished, I swear.
Nicholo Swiftfuse says: Success! We did it, <name>!


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