Not The Friendliest Town (Horde)

Horde 32.png Not The Friendliest Town
Start Commander Larmash
End Commander Larmash
Level 35 (Requires 35)
Type Daily
Category Tol Barad Peninsula
Rewards 1x Achievement zone tolbarad.png [Tol Barad Commendation]
16 Gold.png 54 Silver.png
For the Alliance version of this quest, see Alliance 15.png  [35 Daily] Not The Friendliest Town.


Commander Larmash has asked you to kill 14 villagers in Rustberg Village. Rustberg Village is just north of base camp, on the right side.

  • Rustberg Village Residents (14)


Have you been up to Rustberg Village yet <name>? I would suggest you bring a sharpened blade if you are heading that direction.

The folks in that town look alright but something suspicious is going on in there. Reports have been coming in that they are picking off our soldiers left and right. We have had just about enough of that, so I need you to head down there and do a little cleaning house for us.

Take down as many as you can and report back when you are done.


You will receive: 16 Gold.png 54 Silver.png 1 Achievement zone tolbarad.png


Told you that village was full of wackos. Nice job clearing it out <name>.

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