The Noxious Lair

The Noxious Lair, also known as the Centipaar Hive,[1] is a minor silithid hive found in southwestern Tanaris.


Not much is known about the Noxious Lair, but a certain quest tells us there used to be water at its location. The Silithid have moved in and drained western Tanaris of its resources.



On the surface, the lair is slightly sunk, as if there was a broad river or shallow lake at its location once, overlooking the Un'Goro Crater. The floor is mostly sandy. Here and there large twitching claws are erect, seemingly from large silithid creatures buried in the sand, and where they erect the soil is drenched with silithid goo. Inside the lair beneath the surface, it is like any other silithid hive: Humid, warm and eerie. There are many tunnels connecting the two entrances and the breeding rooms with each other. The walls of the tunnels are coated with silithid acid and decorated with unborn insects.



Sarinexx was also captured here by the goblins of the Thunderdrome.[1]


The Noxious Lair is possibly the only sub-zone in-game with three different levels of resources available (Iron, Mithril, and Thorium).


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