“What happened here?
Deceit, betrayal, and murder.”

— A Maw Walker and Whisperer Vyn[1]

Nurakkir[50.7, 16] is a crashed necropolis in the House of Eyes region of north-central Maldraxxus. It served as the headquarters of the House of Eyes and their ruler, Margrave Akarek, until it was destroyed in an explosion[2] caused by the House of Rituals. Mor'Bitan the lich was involved in the event,[3] as was his underling Mephiles the Loyal.[4] Before its collapse, the necropolis was maintained by four soulbound individuals. Two of them—Whisperer Vyn and Navigator Xennir—survived the crash,[5] but the mechanic and helmsman did not.[6][7]

The slime river known as Akarek's Tears flows out of Nurakkir's carcass. The area is now filled with scavengers from the House of Constructs seeking to salvage parts from the wreckage for their own necropolis.[8][9][10] A small group of surviving Eyes has set up camp inside the wreckage, in the southeastern corner.

Baroness Vashj traveled to Nurakkir with Khaliiq and the Maw Walkers to recruit some of the surviving Eyes' help in stealing the necropolis Zerekriss for the Necrolord Covenant.[11] After assembling a crew, the Maw Walkers and Eyes killed the Constructs' head gutter Gorgantus to take control of Nurakkir's interior,[12] from which they then launched a successful mission to infiltrate the Ossein Foundry and hijack the Zerekriss.[13][14]

The Necrolord sanctum upgrade Ziggurat Now unlocks a permanent portal connection between Nurakkir and the Seat of the Primus.


The House of Eyes camp, with the active portal to the Seat of the Primus.