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Nurgash Muckformed

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BossNurgash Muckformed
Image of Nurgash Muckformed
Race Biggun (Giant)
Level ?? Boss
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Dominance Keep, Revendreth
Status Killable

Nurgash Muckformed is a biggun world boss located at Dominance Keep in Revendreth.

Adventure Guide

Formed from the sludgy mass of many dripping dredgers, and empowered with dark magics by Denathrius's most elite sorcerers, Nurgash is not the most intelligent minion, but his fists can crush castles.




Objective of


Grah! No more magics, time for SMASH!
Hail of Stone
  • Rocks fall, you die!
  • Watch da skies! Ha ha ha.
Deep Slumber
Me tired, just needs a little sleep...
Deep Slumber Ends
Wakey wakey, bones will breaky!

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