Nyell's Workshop (quest)

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NeutralNyell's Workshop
Start Arcanist Ryanna
End Arcanist Ryanna
Level 110 (Requires 110)
Category Mage Campaign
Experience 16,450
Rewards 19g 40s
Previous N Mage [110] Into the Hornet's Nest
Next N Mage [110] Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe


Kill Master Artificer Nyell.


From what I've overheard, this is Master Artificer Nyell's workshop. His skills in construct creation are unparalleled!

What a shame that he swore fealty to the Legion. I hate to destroy such a reknown craftsman, but we have no choice.

If you are lucky, he might even have a spare shield generator sitting around.


You will receive: 19g 40s


Were you successful?


That is one less Legion supporter we need to worry about. Oh, and you found a shield generator too? Wonderful!



Master Artificer Nyell
Master Artificer Nyell says: How did you get in here? My research must remain secret!
Master Artificer Nyell says: My research... dies with me...


  1. N Mage [110] An Urgent Situation
  2. N Mage [110] Backup Plan
  3. N Mage [110] The Vault of the Tirisgarde
  4. N Mage [110] A Creative Solution
  5. N Mage [110] The Nightborne Apprentice
  6. N Mage [110] Retaliation & N Mage [110] Keymaster Orlis
  7. N Mage [110] Into the Hornet's Nest
  8. N Mage [110] Nyell's Workshop & N Mage [110] Secrets of the Shal'dorei
  9. N Mage [110] Keep it Secret, Keep it Safe
  10. N Mage [110] Redundancy
  11. N Mage [110] Lady Remor'za & N Mage [110] Shield Amplification
  12. N Mage [110] Arming Dalaran
  13. N Mage [110] Return of the Archmage
  14. N Mage [110] Champion: Aethas Sunreaver

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