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Image of O'ros
Race Naaru (Uncategorized)
Level 10-30
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Exodar, Army of the Light[1]
Location Seat of the Naaru, Exodar
Status Deceased[2][3]
Relative(s) Xe'ra (ancestor)[2]

O'ros was a naaru who journeyed from Draenor to Azeroth with Velen and his followers aboard the dimensional ship called the Exodar. He could be found at the core of the ship, at the Seat of the Naaru. O'ros was the last of the prime naaru Xe'ra's line.[2]


Right before the invasion of Outland began, Khadgar and Velen reached out to the naaru independently, both seeking aid against the dark forces amassing on Outland. The Army of the Light heard their pleas but the Army's battles with the Legion were costly and ceaseless, so they could not spare soldiers to protect Outland. Instead A'dal, M'uru, and O'ros volunteered to help the people of Outland and arrived with Tempest Keep in a corner of the shattered realm called Netherstorm.

After A'dal traveled to Shattrath City, leaving the other two naaru to watch over Tempest Keep, M'uru was captured and taken to Quel'Thalas by the blood elves of Kael'thas Sunstrider shortly afterwards. O'ros managed to bar the elves from entering its section of Tempest Keep, hiding itself away, and so remained within the satellite structure of the Exodar.

As the Legion's presence on Outland steadily increased, A'dal, sensing the lingering presence of O'ros from Shattrath, recommended to Velen that he and his people attempt to commandeer the vessel in order to reach Azeroth and seek out new allies. Although the draenei successfully did so, breaking the Exodar away from the rest of Tempest Keep and escaping, they along with O'ros crash-landed on Azuremyst Isle due to the sabotage of the blood elves. Fortunately, they soon encountered the neighboring night elves of Teldrassil, leading to the Alliance "unanimously" welcoming Velen and his people into their ranks.[4]

The Burning Crusade[]

Bc icon This section concerns content related to The Burning Crusade.

Matis the Cruel stated that O'ros was sought by the blood elves, who apparently wanted to capture and enslave it as they recently had M'uru.[5] O'ros was seen in visions as the Vision of Purity.[6]

During the Cataclysm, Anduin Wrynn traveled to the Exodar to learn from Velen about the Light. The prince of Stormwind would spend much time with O'ros during his studies, and Anduin would later miss its presence after reminiscing about older and happier times.[3]

One of Outland's few surviving draenei children, Dornaa, heard about how O'ros had traveled with her people to Azeroth, and asked to be taken to see him. O'ros, sensing something very special about her and that she would grow up to be an important figure among her brethren, had the Alliance adventurer take her to Farseer Nobundo, the draenei's first shaman, who was deeply impressed by her ability to summon four elementals at the same time.[7][8]


Legion This section concerns content related to Legion.

O'ros participated in the Ritual of Light in the Netherlight Temple to return the void god Saraka back to its holy form, the naaru Saa'ra.[9] The Burning Legion later attacked the Exodar in order to destroy O'ros so that he could not unlock the knowledge contained within Inv jewelcrafting taladitecrystal [Light's Heart], the core of the prime naaru Xe'ra, his ancestor. Despite the best efforts of the draenei and their champions to defend him, O'ros was killed by High General Rakeesh, the man'ari son of Velen.[2] With its death, the last naaru prime died and the Seat of the Naaru remains empty.[10]


Children's Week


  • O'ros is called a "he".[2]
  • Although O'ros appears to be hostile to the Horde, he does not attack Horde players nor is O'ros able to be attacked. His reaction to players is simply due to the faction he is flagged under.
  • Exarch Menelaous of Azure Watch invokes O'ros in the exclamation "By the beardless, geometric head of O'ros!" in the quest A [1-30] Bandits!.
  • Demolitionist Legoso also invokes O'ros in the exclamation "Holy mother of O'ros!" in the quest A [1-30] Ending Their World.
  • Ability mount ridingelekkelite [Exodar Elekk] are elekk which have been anointed by O'ros.[11]
  • In the Legion alpha, O'ros could be found as an NPC at Netherlight Temple[12] but was eventually removed, though he still appears briefly during N Priest [10-45] The Light and the Void.
  • O'ros' name may be derived from ohros, a Hebrew word meaning "lights" and a central term in Kabbalah.


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