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Image of Oacha'noa
Title <Goddess of the Depths>
Gender Female
Race Kraken (Beast)
Level ?? Boss
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location The Briny Pinnacle, Dragonblight[34, 83]VZ-DragonblightBlip

Oacha'noa in World of Warcraft.

Oacha'noa, the goddess of wisdom,[1] is a kraken-like sea-goddess worshipped by the tuskarr. She can be summoned using the Pearl of the Depths at the Briny Pinnacle in the Dragonblight for the quest N [15-30] Conversing With the Depths.

One Small Tuskarr[]

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The father of the tuskarr fisher Taruka once told her, regarding a cherished spear he almost never used, "If I need the spear, Oacha'noa will tell me so".

Years later, as Taruka was setting out to journey to Kamagua, she looked at the spear lying in her family's sled and recalled her father's words. As if in answer, she suddenly heard a voice say "Yes", even though no one else was near. The voice sounded both close and strangely distant, and made Taruka's mustache hairs stand up and her tusks ache. A gust of wind then appeared and deposited several ice crystals in the pattern of a kraken—the mark of Oacha'noa—at Taruka's feet, though there was no sign of wind in the surrounding area. She asked if she was to take the spear, and the wind came back to scatter the symbol it had made before stopping again. Interpreting this as a sign from the goddess, Taruka took the spear with her on her voyage. It ultimately allowed her to kill a sea monster she encountered in Lyquokk Strait.[1]


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  • Her title as a sea-goddess, her use of the vaguely mermaid-like kraken model, and her worship by the Inuit-inspired tuskarr resembles the Inuit sea goddess Sedna.


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When first called forth by adventurers, Oacha'noa asks them if they are working with "the trolls of this land", likely indicating the Drakkari ice trolls, and wonders if they are there to kill her and take her power, likely referring to the fact that the Drakkari betrayed and killed their loa gods to use their powers against the Scourge. This could mean that Oacha'noa has been regarded as a loa, or that she may be a Wild God and as such could have had contact with the Wild Gods worshipped by the Drakkari, thus knowing their fate.

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