Obedient Drudge

Combat 32.pngObedient Drudge
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Gender Male
Race Blood troll (Humanoid)
Level 25-50
Reaction Alliance Horde
Occupation Slave
Location Zalamar, Nazmir
Status Killable

Obedient Drudges are blood trolls located in Zalamar in Nazmir.

Their corpses can be seen during the Horde War Campaign when Zalamar is a battlefield between the Horde and Alliance.


  • Swamp Fever - Inflicts Plague damage over 12 sec. Reduces damage dealt by 25%.

Objective of


  • Blood! Blood! Blood!
  • Can't hide from da Blood God!
  • Fresh meats!
  • Guzincha!
  • Sorry, ma'da. I be out of ya way real quick.
  • Want ya blood!
  • Your blood for G'huun!
  • Your bones gonna serve us well!
  • Zuldazar gonna fall!

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