Obelisk of the Moon.

Obelisk of the Moon post activation.

The Obelisk of the Moon is one of three obelisks in Uldum that were once used to mask the area from the outside world.[1] They also guard an ancient Titan relic. Beneath the obelisk, from four possible entrances, is the Chamber of the Moon.

Schnottz Excavators built several camps around the area and ended up destroying more relics than looting them from this ancient site. Myzerian oversaw the operation to prevent more failures.

Battle for Azeroth

Battle for Azeroth This section concerns content related to Battle for Azeroth.

By the time of the Assault in Uldum, the Obelisk of the Moon has seemingly been converted to the capital of the Wastewander's operations in Uldum. It is the main location that they are found in, where their leader, Arik Scorpidsting, is also meeting with Captain Navid Sandstone and Zahra Sandstalker. During the Assault, the area is one of the locations that can come under major siege. All other times, the Aqir are attacking the fringes of the area, mainly from the now over-run Temple of Uldum.


  • After the area is put on high alert Schnottz Elite Troopers surround the area, making the area unsafe to enter by normal means. Myzerian reveals his true form and no one can hide from his sight.
  • When the powder kegs blow, the area becomes free of Schnottz's men and only a weakened Myzerian remains.

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